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Workspaces, Setups, and Gadgets!

For some reason, I’m very interested in processes. Specifically, how people work. Especially creative folks. I’m always ready to “borrow” some techniques to make the writing process more efficient, and yeah–I admit it–easier.

I found 2 techniques recently that seem obvious in hindsight, and they’ve really helped me get back on track with writing:

  1. Turning off the wireless to my laptop the night before my morning writing sessions. Can’t access it (easily), can’t get distracted by it.
  2. Setting a timer for 45 minutes and doing nothing but writing during that time. You can do anything for 45 minutes, right? That’s just 3/4 of an hour! You’d be surprised how focused this can make you. I often keep going after the alarm on my phone goes off. Or if it’s slow, I’ll just keep putting down words, comforted by the thought that I only have a few minutes left before I can take a break…

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Blogging? Journaling? You make the call…

I just decided this morning that I want to write a blog at least once a week. (I almost used “blog” like a verb in that first sentence, but then I went back and changed that. Whew. Close call.)

I’ve missed the old, rambling blogs I used to do about writing, what I was reading, trips we’d taken, music, or movies, or whatever popped into my head. I don’t have the energy for the almost-daily blogging I used to do (where did I find the time? And the energy?), but I have this itch I need to scratch about this kind of writing — writing that’s not as structured as working on a novel or the Day Job as a tech writer or any other kind of writing.

Journaling, you could call it. (Cringe.)

So I figured I could come up with some journal entries/blogs about what’s going on in my life for your entertainment and/or skimming pleasure. 🙂

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