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Challenge: Write 500 Words a Day

Just a quick note here to let y’all know I’m still here.

Plugging away after life threw me a couple curve balls — our Raleigh office closed in April, and they let go pretty much everyone at the office, including me.

So I’ve been job-hunting and networking like a champ since then, which becomes a bit draining after a while. You look at all the jobs, try to narrow them down, and then fill out the online application (some of which can be long and tedious), add a resume and custom cover letter, and hope for the best. Then you start to worry you’re missing the perfect job, so you keep hunting. It becomes a vicious cycle.

But I’ve got some leads, and while I got sidetracked by a job that I (and one of my potential bosses) thought was all but wrapped up in late May, and I’m feeling good about the prospects.

What I haven’t been doing is writing fiction. I tried to keep up with the novel in April after the lay-off, then by May I was knee-deep in job applications and creating some (pretty awesome, if I say so myself) writing samples for potential jobs. But I wasn’t working on my novel.

June 15, 2015 progress
So nice to see this finally move off the 27,000-word mark where it had been stuck for about a month!

I wrote all of 1,800 words on my current novel in May. That’s just 6 pages. In a month. Bleh.

So for my birthday I decided to challenge myself: I will write 500 words a day, minimum, every day.

If this is my dream — to be a full-time fiction writer — then I need to keep on writing, despite what distractions are going on in my world.

The tentative cover to Hunter's Moon!
Tentative cover to Hunter’s Moon

On Saturday, my birthday, I got up early and got back in touch with my characters in Hunter’s Moon, the sequel to my novel Family, Pack.

And I wrote about 600 words. Sunday I wrote about 700 more. And yesterday, even though it was a crazy day, I squeezed in another 600 words (a car chase scene, woo!).

Which leaves me with today. I just wrote about 350 words on this blog post, which could’ve been used on my novel — I could’ve finished up that car chase. What was I thinking?

And so the challenge continues! Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!

April Writing Challenge: I’m Going Camping!

I’ve heard that if you share your goals with people, it’s easier to stick to them, because you feel more accountable. And if people ask, how’s it going with Goal A or Goal B, you can answer them with something positive (instead of mumbling something like “I’m about to get started soon” or “Oh that, it’s just… great. Just great. Really.”)

A little back story first.

The last few months have been a bit insane, starting pretty much the day before Thanksgiving. That’s when we learned that we had to be out of our rental house located just outside Blowing Rock by the last day of January. We had to scramble fast to find another place to live. December was a bit of a blur. But by January 31st, we’d bought our new log cabin halfway up a mountain between Blowing Rock and Boone.

It all worked out, right down to getting the lawyers and the lending company to get all the papers ready by the last day of January, and moving out of the rented house into our new house. (I won’t even go into how the rental truck loaded with all our stuff got stuck going down our snowy lane on move-in day.)

And then February was all about unpacking and settling into the new house and getting it in order (log cabins can be very drafty in the winter, so I had to get some folks to come seal up the house on the inside so we didn’t see our breath on frosty days).

I though March would be the month I’d get back on track with writing and exercising, but while I did join an area gym and got back into weightlifting and cardio, I promptly overdid that and threw out my back. Doh! So I’m recovering from that and seeing an excellent chiropractor, and I’m plotting my next fiction-writing scheme.

I’m determined to get myself back on track, so I’m sharing my goals right here with you.

I’ve had the idea for my next novel for a while, but I was struggling with a plan for getting the words down. And I believe I’ve found the answer: Camp NaNoWriMo!

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New Contagious Magic chapters, new Contagious Magic sounds

2012 has turned in the Year of Contagious Magic. Who knew?

Work has been progressing slowly but steadily here, as I get back into the swing of the 3rd novel in the CM series. I’ve gotten the opening nailed down, and just last Friday finished up chapter three. Woo!

In the spirit of the Free Fiction page, where I offer some free short stories and excerpts from various novels, you can now read Chapter 3 in its entirety.

It may not make a LOT of sense if you haven’t read the first 2 books, but I try to get folks up to speed quickly. This happens mostly in chapter 1, which is available along with the prologue and chapter 2 from the A Lasting Cure for Magic main page.

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Working for Hire… For Myself

I’ve been having a hard time getting around to writing the third novel in my Contagious Magic series, for a variety of reasons.

Part of it is fatigue from the day job. Part is from adjusting to the kids going back to school and the changes that cause on my weekday schedule. Part of is a lack of rhythm and motivation. Part of it is a feeling of being overwhelmed, trying to pull together all those plotlines and character arcs for the third book in a trilogy (which could pan out into a series, beyond three books).

And a good part of it is just plain laziness.

So, to combat all those parts, I’m making myself a work-for-hire writer. I’m gonna write 1,000 words a day for my new job. The new job is writing this novel. The new boss is, well, me.

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