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April Writing Challenge: What I’ll Be Writing

Yesterday I talked all about my big plans for April, so I figured I’d share a draft of my synopsis for The Finder Team, the novel I’ll be writing, starting tomorrow(!).

Just be aware that ALL of it is subject to change, including the novel itself. Here’s the basics of the novel:

The Finder Team

The Finder TeamBim Mayer knows in his gut how to find missing persons.

But to connect with the missing, he must eat that person’s favorite food. And not just a few bites. Big handfuls of the stuff, until he gets sick. Then a weird connection gets made between his ever-expanding belly and the distressed mind of the missing person.

Call it a gastronome’s GPS. Except Bim rarely gets to enjoy what he eats. His job requires quantity, not quality.

As a result of his “specialized” work for his buddy, private eye Hanky J Jackson, Bim now tips the scales at three hundred and fifty pounds. This job is killing him, but he can’t stop helping people, now that he’s aware of his special talent.

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April Writing Challenge: I’m Going Camping!

I’ve heard that if you share your goals with people, it’s easier to stick to them, because you feel more accountable. And if people ask, how’s it going with Goal A or Goal B, you can answer them with something positive (instead of mumbling something like “I’m about to get started soon” or “Oh that, it’s just… great. Just great. Really.”)

A little back story first.

The last few months have been a bit insane, starting pretty much the day before Thanksgiving. That’s when we learned that we had to be out of our rental house located just outside Blowing Rock by the last day of January. We had to scramble fast to find another place to live. December was a bit of a blur. But by January 31st, we’d bought our new log cabin halfway up a mountain between Blowing Rock and Boone.

It all worked out, right down to getting the lawyers and the lending company to get all the papers ready by the last day of January, and moving out of the rented house into our new house. (I won’t even go into how the rental truck loaded with all our stuff got stuck going down our snowy lane on move-in day.)

And then February was all about unpacking and settling into the new house and getting it in order (log cabins can be very drafty in the winter, so I had to get some folks to come seal up the house on the inside so we didn’t see our breath on frosty days).

I though March would be the month I’d get back on track with writing and exercising, but while I did join an area gym and got back into weightlifting and cardio, I promptly overdid that and threw out my back. Doh! So I’m recovering from that and seeing an excellent chiropractor, and I’m plotting my next fiction-writing scheme.

I’m determined to get myself back on track, so I’m sharing my goals right here with you.

I’ve had the idea for my next novel for a while, but I was struggling with a plan for getting the words down. And I believe I’ve found the answer: Camp NaNoWriMo!

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