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D&D Dad: We’re going on an adventure!

When I was in sixth grade way back in 1980, when I was almost ten years old, I really got into Dungeons & Dragons.

An ad for the “purple box” version of D&D, which came with “random number generators” (also known as dice)!

There was no bookstore in the small, rural town in Iowa where I grew up, so I had to wait for trips to the “big city” of Dubuque to hit the Waldenbooks at the mall to check out the latest D&D modules. The modules had these amazing, brightly colored covers, and inside were all the treasures: maps, monsters, quests, and more charts than you could shake a ten-foot pole at.

I was hooked. I’d just read The Hobbit in fifth grade, and was working my way through The Lord of the Rings, and I couldn’t get enough of these fantasy worlds. I was an avid reader, but those books opened up a place inside of me I never knew existed. It was an amazing feeling, and something I’ve tried to recapture over the years in the books I read and the books I’ve written.

The dice that came with the boxed set, along with a black crayon you used to color in the numbers so you could actually SEE them.

So my ten-year-old self read the modules, tried my best to study the rules, and tried painting some pewter miniatures.

I even wrote an adventure or two, collaborating with my sixth-grade buddy on a two-parter: “Victory at Castle Deepmoat” (mine) and “The Diamond of Terror Mountain” (his).

But I never actually played the game.

Years passed, and I played computer role-playing games like Wizardry, Ultima, and Might & Magic, and I read (and re-read) fantasy novels like the Dragonlance series, Thomas Covenant, the many Drizzt novels, and more. But still no D&D.

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