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Lost & Finders: more from chapter 1

Lost & FindersAs we count down the weeks (days!) until the launch of Lost & Finders, the 2nd book in my Finder Team series, I wanted to share another chunk of chapter 1 of that book.

Lost & Finders is set to release on June 14, and the ebook version is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

In case you missed last week’s opening excerpt, here’s a link to it. Also, if you want to read the first book, Finders, Inc., you might be able to snag it for free as an ebook in the next few weeks over at Amazon (or heck, just buy for $4.99!).

Let’s go back to our big fella Bim, hanging out on the tiny company pool on the first day of August, when things get a bit… weird:

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Some more free books!

freeEveryone likes a free sample, so I’ve added a new tab to this website called, simply enough, FREE BOOKS!

This page has links to your favorite ebook retailer (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks), and it also has direct links you can use to download the ebooks directly to your computer, tablet, or other gadget-y device.

All of the ebooks are short story ebooks, so they’re a quick read. Also, the first dozen or so books on the page are connected to novels that are also available as ebooks, so grabbing a free short story is a great way to test out whether you’d want to read the novel as well. Here’s hoping you will!

UnWreckedTales_75And speaking of free, I wanted to remind folks that you can also get a cost-challenged (i.e., FREE!) ebook simply by subscribing to the UnWrecked Press newsletter.

These books aren’t going to stay free forever, so now’s a great time to load up your favorite ebook reader with some great stuff, totally and absolutely risk-free, Enjoy!