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New Book Release: Lost & Finders (finally!)

It’s taken a while to get here, but I’m happy to announce that my new novel is finally available! Today marks the launch of the second book in the “slightly paranormal” Finder Team mystery series: Lost & Finders.

NOTE: This book does have a cliffhanger ending, but the book that follows it is not only the third book in the Finder Team series, but it’s also the third book in the Family Pack series. Yes, this third book is a crossover, featuring characters from both series!

Here’s the official book description — I hope you enjoy it!

Lost&Finders2018_300pYou can only stay lost for so long…

Mid-summer in the mountains. The breeze carries the smell of pines and campfires, and expensive cars with Florida plates clog the roads. The students at nearby Appalachian State are gone for the summer, and Bim Mayer and Hank Johnson get to enjoy a lazy start to August after a rough winter and busy spring.

But they soon realize that summer’s gotten just a bit too lazy. Something is going down in the remote Blue Ridge Mountain town of Boone, North Carolina. People stop by the Finders, Inc. office to tell stories about whispering strangers just outside of Boone, and they aren’t white-haired tourists asking for directions to the antique stores.

Then, during one week in early August, half a dozen people from all walks of life are reported as missing. The Finder team suddenly has its hands full with work, with Bim (and his special mental skills) carrying the bulk of the finding on his rounded shoulders.

As summer heats up into a scorching fall and bizarre clues continue to pile up, Bim and Hank might just lose more than a couple pounds and a few nights of sleep. They could lose everything.

Read an excerpt from chapter 1.

  • Ebook version available from Amazon.
  • Trade paperback available from Amazon.

FindersInc_Cover_300Lost & Finders is the second book in the Finder Team series after Finders, Inc.

In Case You Were Wondering…

I use Scrivener to write fiction, and it has all sorts of bells and whistles to keep track of notes and ideas and inspiration. A while back I put together “character sheets” (for lack of a better term) for the main characters in the Finder Team mystery series.

So if you’ve ever wondered which actors (or directors!) I’d “cast” in the movie version of Finders, Inc. and Lost & Finders, well, wonder no more:

The Finder Team (casting call)
(click the picture to make it bigger)


At least, these faces are what I have in mind while I’m typing away. Thanks for indulging me!

So yeah, Jorge Garcia and Spike Lee, let’s talk, okay?


Lost & Finders: the end to chapter 1!

Lost & FindersWith just a little over three weeks(!) until the June 14th release launch of Lost & Finders from UnWrecked Press, I wanted to share the last section of chapter 1.

Just a reminder that the ebook version is available for pre-order from Amazon, and the trade paperback will be available very soon. Later this year the audiobook version should be out as well, which is awesome news!

If you want to read the first book in the series, Finders, Inc., you might be able to snag it for free as an ebook in the next few weeks over at Amazon (or heck, just buy it for $4.99!).

Here are links to the earlier sections of chapter 1 to get you up to speed: part 1, part 2.

Let’s go back to our big fella Bim, who just caught an old-fashioned black key thrown to him by his old friend Hank (aka Hanky J), and Bim slips into someone else’s head… Enjoy!

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Lost & Finders: more from chapter 1

Lost & FindersAs we count down the weeks (days!) until the launch of Lost & Finders, the 2nd book in my Finder Team series, I wanted to share another chunk of chapter 1 of that book.

Lost & Finders is set to release on June 14, and the ebook version is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

In case you missed last week’s opening excerpt, here’s a link to it. Also, if you want to read the first book, Finders, Inc., you might be able to snag it for free as an ebook in the next few weeks over at Amazon (or heck, just buy for $4.99!).

Let’s go back to our big fella Bim, hanging out on the tiny company pool on the first day of August, when things get a bit… weird:

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Finders, Inc. in a new bundle: Winter Mysteries

Here’s some nifty news — my mystery novel, Finders, Inc., is now available as part of the new Winter Mysteries bundle of ebooks offered by BundleRabbit!


In case you haven’t heard of bundles, they collect a set of 5 to 10 or more ebooks into one package, which can then be priced lower for bargain-hunters. Bundles are also a fantastic way to find new authors and dive into their work.

And this bundle is a great one.

Winter Mysteries collects mystery novels set in the coldest season of the year, or mysteries containing a strong element of cold (in one sense of the word or another).

The bundle includes novels by Dean Wesley Smith, Kim Antieau, JA Marlow, Will Overby, Marcelle Dube, Chris Ward, Douglas Smith, Robert Jeschonek and hey — yours truly, too!

So you can get a small bundle of 5 books for a price that you set, or get all 10 books for an amazing discount. It’s a great set of novels, and 10% of each sale can be earmarked for the Wounded Warrior charity.

So it’s pretty much a win-win situation. What’re you waiting for? Click away!

Here it is: Finders, Inc.!

Finders, Inc.
Finders, Inc., by Michael Jasper

At last, I can share it with the rest of the world — my newest book, Finders, Inc, a mystery with hints of the paranormal set in the remote mountains of North Carolina. The book is available as both an ebook and a trade paperback. Here’s a synopsis:

Sometimes those who can’t be found just might not be lost…

As the co-founders of Finders, Inc., Hank Johnson and Bim Mayer have spent the past two decades successfully solving mysteries and—almost miraculously, thanks to Bim’s special skills—finding missing people in and around the remote mountain town of Boone, North Carolina.

Until now.

Their most recent case deals with an outbreak of missing elderly people, all of whom used to teach at nearby Appalachian State University. They soon learn that the absent old folks all have something else in common: they’re all connected to a shady character with deep, dark ties to both Bim and Hank.

The events of those chaotic three days in late winter will test the friendship of the two men as they risk their lives to solve this mystery and find a group of people who just might not want to be found.

The first book in an all-new mystery series with hints of the paranormal!

I’m very excited about this book, which I honestly feel is my best book yet. And I can’t wait to write more books in the “Finder Team” series in the coming years.

Read an excerpt here and here.

NOTE: For the first week, you can get the ebook version for just $2.99, almost half off the regular price. In a week, the price goes up to $4.99. So grab a copy now! 🙂 Also, if you’ve read the book already, we’re shooting to get at least 25 reviews at the Amazon page. It’s part of a little experiment we’re doing (here are tips for writing reviews). Thanks for participating! Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Finders, Inc. Cover and Release Date!

Here’s the cover to Finder’s Inc., the first book in The Finder Team series of mysteries, which is due out on December 9th, 2014!

Finders, Inc.

Read more about the book at its Product page at the UnWrecked Press website.

And hey, if you’d like to write a review of the book at Amazon and/or your blog or Facebook, just let me know! I’ll send you an electronic copy.

The Finder Team: Take 2

For the past month now, I’ve been getting up early to work on my new mystery novel that has a splash of the supernatural in it.

Well, I was plugging away on the book, that is, until 1) I got a nasty cold, and 2) we had family visit and I got knocked off schedule.  But I’d planned for the second option (and we had a great visit with family from in and out of state), and my plan is to be up and running again tomorrow. Typing away in the early hours as usual…

One thing I did in some of my downtime in the past few weeks was work on a couple of covers for the new book, which is still called The Finder Team.

I’d love to get your thoughts on which cover you prefer, so here are your two options (click on a cover to see a bigger version):

NOTE: The first five people to comment with their preferred cover either here or on the UnWrecked Press Facebook page get a coupon code for a free ebook from the UnWrecked Press store! Thanks for your help!

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April Writing Challenge: What I’ll Be Writing

Yesterday I talked all about my big plans for April, so I figured I’d share a draft of my synopsis for The Finder Team, the novel I’ll be writing, starting tomorrow(!).

Just be aware that ALL of it is subject to change, including the novel itself. Here’s the basics of the novel:

The Finder Team

The Finder TeamBim Mayer knows in his gut how to find missing persons.

But to connect with the missing, he must eat that person’s favorite food. And not just a few bites. Big handfuls of the stuff, until he gets sick. Then a weird connection gets made between his ever-expanding belly and the distressed mind of the missing person.

Call it a gastronome’s GPS. Except Bim rarely gets to enjoy what he eats. His job requires quantity, not quality.

As a result of his “specialized” work for his buddy, private eye Hanky J Jackson, Bim now tips the scales at three hundred and fifty pounds. This job is killing him, but he can’t stop helping people, now that he’s aware of his special talent.

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April Writing Challenge: I’m Going Camping!

I’ve heard that if you share your goals with people, it’s easier to stick to them, because you feel more accountable. And if people ask, how’s it going with Goal A or Goal B, you can answer them with something positive (instead of mumbling something like “I’m about to get started soon” or “Oh that, it’s just… great. Just great. Really.”)

A little back story first.

The last few months have been a bit insane, starting pretty much the day before Thanksgiving. That’s when we learned that we had to be out of our rental house located just outside Blowing Rock by the last day of January. We had to scramble fast to find another place to live. December was a bit of a blur. But by January 31st, we’d bought our new log cabin halfway up a mountain between Blowing Rock and Boone.

It all worked out, right down to getting the lawyers and the lending company to get all the papers ready by the last day of January, and moving out of the rented house into our new house. (I won’t even go into how the rental truck loaded with all our stuff got stuck going down our snowy lane on move-in day.)

And then February was all about unpacking and settling into the new house and getting it in order (log cabins can be very drafty in the winter, so I had to get some folks to come seal up the house on the inside so we didn’t see our breath on frosty days).

I though March would be the month I’d get back on track with writing and exercising, but while I did join an area gym and got back into weightlifting and cardio, I promptly overdid that and threw out my back. Doh! So I’m recovering from that and seeing an excellent chiropractor, and I’m plotting my next fiction-writing scheme.

I’m determined to get myself back on track, so I’m sharing my goals right here with you.

I’ve had the idea for my next novel for a while, but I was struggling with a plan for getting the words down. And I believe I’ve found the answer: Camp NaNoWriMo!

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