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Finders, Inc. in a new bundle: Winter Mysteries

Here’s some nifty news — my mystery novel, Finders, Inc., is now available as part of the new Winter Mysteries bundle of ebooks offered by BundleRabbit!


In case you haven’t heard of bundles, they collect a set of 5 to 10 or more ebooks into one package, which can then be priced lower for bargain-hunters. Bundles are also a fantastic way to find new authors and dive into their work.

And this bundle is a great one.

Winter Mysteries collects mystery novels set in the coldest season of the year, or mysteries containing a strong element of cold (in one sense of the word or another).

The bundle includes novels by Dean Wesley Smith, Kim Antieau, JA Marlow, Will Overby, Marcelle Dube, Chris Ward, Douglas Smith, Robert Jeschonek and hey — yours truly, too!

So you can get a small bundle of 5 books for a price that you set, or get all 10 books for an amazing discount. It’s a great set of novels, and 10% of each sale can be earmarked for the Wounded Warrior charity.

So it’s pretty much a win-win situation. What’re you waiting for? Click away!


Half a Decade from the Master Class

From October 3rd to October 17th, 2009, I attended a Fiction Writing Master Class with a dozen other writers. We had hours of classes every day, assignments every night, and we wrote. A lot. I came away with three complete stories, pages of notes, and ideas for at least a dozen novels.

I also learned a ton about publishing, and that led to all of my adventures in indie publishing with UnWrecked Press. Definitely a life-changing experience (and I even had to miss the wedding of two of my friends to attend it, so I knew I had to make the most out of every minute).

Looking a bit smug there, aren't we, Mr. Sunglasses?
Looking a bit smug there, aren’t we, Mr. Sunglasses?

So what have I done since my return from that Master Class workshop in mid-October 2009?

What have I accomplished in the past 5 years?

One thing I did was make ebooks. Lots of ebooks – close to a hundred! I did one short-story-as-ebook a week for the entire year of 2011 (that was kind of ambitious, eh?).

And I learned how to create print-on-demand books.

And I found narrators to make audiobooks out of three of my novels and one short story, which was a fun exercise. I’d love to do more, and maybe even narrate one myself.

Oh, and I started my own publishing company. With its own website and online store. Check out our Catalog!

As for actual WRITING, well… (continue reading if you like minutiae!)

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Some more free books!

freeEveryone likes a free sample, so I’ve added a new tab to this website called, simply enough, FREE BOOKS!

This page has links to your favorite ebook retailer (like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks), and it also has direct links you can use to download the ebooks directly to your computer, tablet, or other gadget-y device.

All of the ebooks are short story ebooks, so they’re a quick read. Also, the first dozen or so books on the page are connected to novels that are also available as ebooks, so grabbing a free short story is a great way to test out whether you’d want to read the novel as well. Here’s hoping you will!

UnWreckedTales_75And speaking of free, I wanted to remind folks that you can also get a cost-challenged (i.e., FREE!) ebook simply by subscribing to the UnWrecked Press newsletter.

These books aren’t going to stay free forever, so now’s a great time to load up your favorite ebook reader with some great stuff, totally and absolutely risk-free, Enjoy!

Two new covers!

While I haven’t started a new project yet (and I’m getting itchy to do so, believe me!), I’ve been busy doing some behind-the-scenes work from some of my older  books. My goal is to get all this busy work done by the end of the year so I can hit the ground running in 2013 with all-new work.

One thing I’ve been wanting to do for a while was to update the covers to a couple of my books. The ones I had for them were okay, but they didn’t do a good job of 1) catching the reader’s eye and 2) giving potential readers a strong idea of the genre of the book.

So, here are the spankin’-new covers for Heart’s Revenge and The All Nations Team:

Heart's Revenge
Heart’s Revenge (art by Nyul and Yannp at Dreamstime)
The All Nations Team (cover art by TomWang112 at Dreamstime)
The All Nations Team (cover art by TomWang112 at Dreamstime)

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More Contagious Magic goodness!

Hello again! I know, two blog posts in one week — what gives?

Well, I just wanted to share two cool things with you related to the last book in the trilogy I just finished, A Lasting Cure for Magic. It’s actually been a twenty-year trip for these “Contagious Magic” books of mine.

I first started writing about the characters in these books when I was teaching junior high English and Reading way back in ’93. One day I assigned them some to do some descriptive writing of a person, and just for kicks I did the writing exercises along with the kids. I ended up writing about one of the characters in these books, Archie the homeless guy, also known as the “last sorcerer.” I guess it was a good exercise in descriptive writing… 🙂

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic (art by Andy Castro)

To celebrate finally being done, I went ahead and made the first book in the series, A Sudden Outbreak of Magic, FREE.

This is just for a limited time, so grab a free digital copy while you can (you still have to pay for the paper version, alas). I figured this would be a great way for readers who are new to the series to jump on-board, without any risks. And of course, you’ll be hooked by the end of book one, and want to read more…

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