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Still not as wordy as George R.R Martin…

I grabbed this image of the Kindle app on my phone the other day:

2013-06-02 16.19.40

So the number of dots under a book signifies the length of the book. The dots turn blue as you make progress through the book.

I thought that my trilogy of all three of my Contagious Magic books would stack up against one of George R.R. Martin’s huge “Song of Ice and Fire” books, but I still fell short.

But hey, it was really cool seeing my books right there next to the books of a best-seller like GRRM. Hope readers enjoy it as much as his stuff (and hey, I don’t kill off all my character like he does, so there!).

And hey, my trilogy clocks in at 692 pages, and weighs a solid 2.5 pounds. The trade paperback version, that is — the ebook version weighs not a thing! 🙂

Have an awesome day!

New Contagious Magic chapters, new Contagious Magic sounds

2012 has turned in the Year of Contagious Magic. Who knew?

Work has been progressing slowly but steadily here, as I get back into the swing of the 3rd novel in the CM series. I’ve gotten the opening nailed down, and just last Friday finished up chapter three. Woo!

In the spirit of the Free Fiction page, where I offer some free short stories and excerpts from various novels, you can now read Chapter 3 in its entirety.

It may not make a LOT of sense if you haven’t read the first 2 books, but I try to get folks up to speed quickly. This happens mostly in chapter 1, which is available along with the prologue and chapter 2 from the A Lasting Cure for Magic main page.

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