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Special Guest Post at the New Graphicly Blog

The fine folks at Graphicly are focusing more and more on helping comic creators get their comics made, distributed, and marketed, which to me is a fantastic thing. They already have a great site where you can buy and read digital comics.

Now they’re helping creators get their comics to you more easily.

They asked me to write a blog about my experiences with digital comics, and I shared what I learned in this entry: “Going Digital with Your Comic: A Rough Map.”

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Design Essays (That I Forgot to Link to Here ‘Til Now)

The good folks over at the FlamesRising blog, which is a sister blog to the excellent DriveThruComics site that distributes our digital comic and my novels, asked me to write two”design essays” for them recently. I have a great time doing them, one for my Contagious Magic series of books, and one for the finale of In Maps & Legends.

I just realized today that I didn’t link to them here, and thought I’d remedy that ASAP.

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The Collected Edition of IN MAPS & LEGENDS is now available

I’m happy to announce the release of the Collected Edition of our digital comic IN MAPS & LEGENDS! Consider this the digital version of the trade paperback of all nine issues.

Here’s the official synopsis:

Kaitlin Grayson is an artist who finds herself compelled to carve a map that covers all four walls of her window-less spare room. One cold night, a disheveled man named Bartamus bursts into her apartment, claiming that only she can save his dying world.

For Kait, things like this happen in the books she illustrates so often, she feels like she knows what will happen next. But she couldn’t be more wrong when she and her friends step through her map and charge headlong into another world. In Maps & Legends, a former Zuda comic, is a world-spanning fantasy comic mixed with science fiction and steampunk.

This special edition collects all nine issues of this digital-only, full-color miniseries.

Let us know what you think of our series, and as always, thanks for reading!

Digital Comics: Formatting Your Comic for the Nook (ePub), UPDATED

ePub logo designed by Ralph Burkhardt

Back in January, I ran a blog post entitled Digital Comics: Formatting Your Comic for the Nook (ePub). Click back to that entry to learn more about ePubs, if you’re not familiar with them.

Well, it’s time for an update. Why? Well, for our digital comic IN MAPS & LEGENDS, we learned that part of the image got cut off on the new Nook Touch reader as well as on the original black and white nook.

Our new ePub template is resizable. Once again, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to VALENTINE creator Alex de Campi for sharing her ePub template with us. She did all the heavy lifting. We just did the customizing so the template worked for IN MAPS & LEGENDS.

And now we’re sharing it with you, fellow comics creators!

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Our Digital Comic Downloads and Sales: Through Mid-2011 (UPDATED)

Back in January, I listed our 2010 sales broken out by distributor and what percentage of our sales came from each. I figured now was a good time to update that chart so other comics creators thinking of going digital can compare notes and maybe dive into the digital world at last.

The sales number listed below are go back from when we started back in September 2010. The numbers cover issues 1-6 of IN MAPS & LEGENDS, our combo ebook that bundles issues 1-4, and our Formatting Comics ebook.

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