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Finders, Inc. in a new bundle: Winter Mysteries

Here’s some nifty news — my mystery novel, Finders, Inc., is now available as part of the new Winter Mysteries bundle of ebooks offered by BundleRabbit!


In case you haven’t heard of bundles, they collect a set of 5 to 10 or more ebooks into one package, which can then be priced lower for bargain-hunters. Bundles are also a fantastic way to find new authors and dive into their work.

And this bundle is a great one.

Winter Mysteries collects mystery novels set in the coldest season of the year, or mysteries containing a strong element of cold (in one sense of the word or another).

The bundle includes novels by Dean Wesley Smith, Kim Antieau, JA Marlow, Will Overby, Marcelle Dube, Chris Ward, Douglas Smith, Robert Jeschonek and hey — yours truly, too!

So you can get a small bundle of 5 books for a price that you set, or get all 10 books for an amazing discount. It’s a great set of novels, and 10% of each sale can be earmarked for the Wounded Warrior charity.

So it’s pretty much a win-win situation. What’re you waiting for? Click away!

A new series is born! Family Pack Book 2

Today marks the publication date of my “baby werewolf” novel, Hunter’s Moon.

HuntersMoonCover300It’s a sequel to my “rural fantasy” novel Family, Pack, in which our hero Tommy has a newborn baby he has to care for, and he’s barely 20 years old. In the new book, it’s a year later, and his daughter Corinne is definitely in her terrible twos stage.

So maybe I should call it my “toddler werewolf” novel.

In any case, I had a ton of fun writing this book, even I took a long break from it during the middle and end of 2015 (unemployment and job-hunting will do that to you!). I’m really glad I picked up Tommy and Corinne’s story again, because I have a lot of ideas of where to go next with this father-daughter werewolf combo.

And hey, this means I’ve got another series underway, to go along with my Contagious Magic series.

(Next up is book two in the Finder Team series, which will give me three ongoing series at the same time. Woo!)

Read more details about book 2 in the Family Pack series at the Hunter’s Moon page, or just check out these convenient ebook and trade paperback links:

Happy Friday!

My Current Reading List is a Plethora of Goodness (or Something)

Okay, I’ll try to refrain from posting random pictures of apps on my phone, but I’m in this weird, awesome situation now where I’m reading pretty much four books at the same time:

Currently Reading

Two fiction, and both of them set in the past  (1968 and 1990) and two non-fiction, one a how-to and the other sort of a self-help, inspirational sort of book. All of them very different, except for the fact that the two novels are in a series, so I’m sure I’ll be reading many more books by those authors.

I love how the Kindle apps on my phone and my actual Kindle are able to keep up with all my jumping around, too. Everything stays synced!

I realize I’d make better time reading one book first, all the way through, but my brain has been bouncing around between all four for some reason. It’s one of those nice problems to have, I guess.

Okay, back to work now! I’ve a got a screenplay whose characters are waiting for me to tell ’em what to do. Happy reading!

Still not as wordy as George R.R Martin…

I grabbed this image of the Kindle app on my phone the other day:

2013-06-02 16.19.40

So the number of dots under a book signifies the length of the book. The dots turn blue as you make progress through the book.

I thought that my trilogy of all three of my Contagious Magic books would stack up against one of George R.R. Martin’s huge “Song of Ice and Fire” books, but I still fell short.

But hey, it was really cool seeing my books right there next to the books of a best-seller like GRRM. Hope readers enjoy it as much as his stuff (and hey, I don’t kill off all my character like he does, so there!).

And hey, my trilogy clocks in at 692 pages, and weighs a solid 2.5 pounds. The trade paperback version, that is — the ebook version weighs not a thing! 🙂

Have an awesome day!

How Readers Can Help Writers

So you just finished reading a great book, and the second thing you want to do is tell people about it (the first thing you want to do, of course, is find more books by this writer).

As a reader, you have a surprising amount of power in the world of books. Writers would just be shouting into the wind without readers. A reader’s secret power is word-of-mouth–the ability to share with other readers your enthusiasm about a book and a writer.

Here’s a quick checklist that describes what you can do to help spread the word about your favorite author and better support writers you know and love. We’ll start with the easiest to do, and work our way down to the more labor-intensive.

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Blogging? Journaling? You make the call…

I just decided this morning that I want to write a blog at least once a week. (I almost used “blog” like a verb in that first sentence, but then I went back and changed that. Whew. Close call.)

I’ve missed the old, rambling blogs I used to do about writing, what I was reading, trips we’d taken, music, or movies, or whatever popped into my head. I don’t have the energy for the almost-daily blogging I used to do (where did I find the time? And the energy?), but I have this itch I need to scratch about this kind of writing — writing that’s not as structured as working on a novel or the Day Job as a tech writer or any other kind of writing.

Journaling, you could call it. (Cringe.)

So I figured I could come up with some journal entries/blogs about what’s going on in my life for your entertainment and/or skimming pleasure. 🙂

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