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D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” and “Forge of Fury”

For sessions 8-13 of our “Storm King’s Thunder” campaign, the party took a trip to the classic D&D adventure “Forge of Fury” from Tales from the Yawning Portal. We had a blast.

Forge of Fury!!

Here’s the Adventure Report:

Session F1: To the Forge! (11/3/19)

The day after the Battle for Triboar, our heroes Sir Frost Breaker, Mavthos, and Ikkibirel are enjoying some ale and other refreshments in the Triboar Arms tavern. Everyone thanks them for their heroism in defeating the Fire Giants yesterday, and a dwarf named Kheldegan Tolm (“Boring name!” sniffs Sir FB) approaches the heroes with a request: Could they visit the caves near his hometown of Blasingdell, two days hike west of Triboar, in the Sword Mtns? There have been orcs coming from the caves, and Kheldegan is convinced the caves are actually the ancient dwarf stronghold Khundrukar.

Of course the party agrees, especially when the dwarf gives Mavthos a dagger that appears to have been bitten in two. The dagger has the legendary smith mark of Durgeddin, the ancient founder of Khundrukar.  Mavthos recalls that Durgeddin’s weapons were especially damaging against giants, so the party hustles on their way to Blasingdell.

Using Kheldegan’s map, they find the old dwarven path through the wilderness to the Stone Tooth, and after inspecting the smoking chimney nearby (too slippery!), they find the ledge leading into the caverns. (Location 1)

Normansk distracts the two orc guards with poop and garbage long enough for Sir Frost Breaker to smack and push the first (poor Thark) over the ledge without a sound. Mavthos uses his trusty Eldritch Blast to send Wark after his fellow orc guard.

The party climbs deeper and higher into the caverns, and do a Group Stealth under the two arrow slits fifteen feet above them. Luckily nobody was paying close attention! (Location 2)

They peek through the open double doors on the eastern edge of the big hall and see torchlight and a very spindly looking rope bridge across a 35-foot chasm. Mavthos peeks in with his darkvision and spots two orcs at the far end of the bridge, keeping watch with javelins in their hands. “What do we do now?” Mavthos whispers to his friends, and we run out of time for this session…

Session F2: Through the Mountain Door (11/9/19)

Right before Mavthos can make his move on the orcs guarding the bridge, the crew is joined by their old friend Hatrix Stonebridge the lightfoot halfling rogue. He helps them knock out the orcs along with the four other orc reinforcements that come charging through a secret door. They make it across the bridge (which was cut on one side by the orcs), and they cut the bridge loose from the eastern side vbefore moving deeper into the caves.

They free two villagers, Geradil and Courana, and give them extra weapons when the two refuse to leave the party. Hating is agitated by their presence, and tries to get rid of then whenever possible. He soon has his chance when they find a secret door, and he sends the two eager villagers into the Shaman’s Lair. Greadily gets fried by the Eye of Gruumsh shaman with a flask of alchemist fire, and soon the rest of the party catches up, and the shaman and her two fellow orcs are defeated. One flask of alchemist’s fire remains, along with two bags of silver that the party hasn’t found yet…

Session F3: Traps and Orcs and More (3/15/20)

In the Shaman’s Lair, Sir FB, Mavthos, and Hatrix remain, while Ikkirbirel leads the prisoners to safety. They find 2 flasks of highly combustible alchemist’s fire in the lair, and then they head north to the room with the trapped statue. The team foils the trap, though Sir FB gets a red neck from the fire shooting from the dwarve’s face. Mavthos finds 2 more flasks of AF, and then the team heads west to a room full of 6 orcs and and org. They defeat the orog and half the orcs, but they raise the ire of Great Ulfe and his two dire wolves, who chase them into the next room.

Session F4: To the Glitterhame (3/17/20)

The trio charges down the narrow steps with Ulfe and his 2 wolves behind them. The team leaves a trio of burning orcs on the steps as they continue downward (minus some alchemist’s fire and some poison gas). The team leap over a rushing river that cuts into the stairs, and then they enter the Glitterhame. 

Session F5: (3/19/20)

The trio make it deeper into the Glitterhame, past the stream, and do a water slide into the troglodyte caves. They kill four troglodytes and face Great Ulfe and his dire wolves outside the cave. After defeating them, they follow the river into the  Long Cavern with the slime-slick floor. Sir FB and Mavthos slip, but regain their footing before sliding down into the whirlpool leading down. They find the Dwarven Sepulchres and snag the warammer with Durgeddions mark! 

The team continues into the huge GLitterhame cavern, avoiding the gricks, and Hatrix picks the lock to the metal door leading to a narrow stairway up. The team takes a long rest, with Hatrix on watch.

Session F6: (3/21/20)

Mavthos, Sir Frost Breaker, and Hatrix encounter no critters during their long rest, but they do venture out one last time to see what’s in the final passageway on the Glitterhame level. They run into a roper impersonating a stalagmite, and after lots of tendril-grappling and biting, the trio slays the roper and retrieves Hatrix’s sword (and some gems and a Ring of Spell Storing) from the roper’s guts. Then it’s up the steps to the Foundry level!

They avoid the statue traps and the fake doors when Hatrix notices the dusty trail on the floor heading east to the secret door. Their luck doesn’t hold out when a magic mouth announces their presence to the three Duergar waiting in the Great Hall. The dark dwarves are invisible and call out a warning in Dwarvish, which Sir FB understands, and with some back and forth, he manages to bribe their help with some gems recently harvested from the roper. Ghared, the duergar leader, briskly shows them the way to the next level, but of course the trio have to peek into the haunted temple first (one look at the dead dwarf and the bones starting to assemble themselves below it make them slam the door shut FAST). 

The duergar show the trio how to get down the sinkhole to the final level, and they tell them about the young black dragon that lives down there. The team climbs down and carefully makes their way through the cave and over the two bridges, avoiding any accidents or making noise. Just when they’re near the island covered in treasure — Nightscale’s hoard — the dragon shows up and blasts Mavthos with acid. After a wild battle, it’s Hatrix who makes the killing blow (after dodging what should’bv been a fatal claw-claw-bite attack from the dragon). They find the 4th weapon with Durgeddin’s mark, a +2 great axe, along with a pile of gold, a potion of healing, a potion of flying, a wand of magic missiles, and a +1 shield for Hatrix. Lugging their goodies, the party finds a passageway leading out to the Dark Mere on this side of the Stone Tooth, and they start heading back to Blasingdell and then to Triboar to find Kheldegan the dwarf for their reward…

D&D Dad: The Goblin Grail Gang (our Adventure Report and review)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played The Goblin Grail Gang!


Session: The Goblin Grail Gang (9/29/18)

A note from the D&D Dad: I’d normally create two separate articles for this adventure session, but this one-shot by M.T. Black is special. Not only is it a great introduction to new players (I had one at this session), but the entire adventure takes place on ONE sheet of paper! So I’m simply combining my Adventure Report with my Review.

For this one-shot, we gathered multiple misfits from the world of Eberron, who then stepped into the world of the Forgotten Realms:

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D&D Dad: The Secret of Skyhold Tower (our Adventure Report)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played The Secret of Skyhold Tower!


The “Phandelvers” (or so I’m calling them!) finally move away from the “Starter Set” neighborhood of Phandalin and Thundertree and end up getting tasked with saving the city of Neverwinter from certain disaster in this DMs Guild one-shot from M.T. Black!

Session 12: The Secret of Skyhold Tower (9/15/18)

In the smoking ruins of Thundertree, the druid Reidoth begs the party to locate the Crystal Ball of Farseeing for him so he can help protect the party’s newly save town of Phandalin. He know they can find info in the city of Neverwinter, just a days’ ride away. He promises rewards for the Crystal Ball, and of course the party agrees. They also agree to drop off the recaptured Glasstaff with the Lords Alliance in the city. All in a day’s work…

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D&D Dad: The Lost Mine of Phandelver (our Adventure Report)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played The Lost Mine of Phandelver!

D&D Starter Set

Session 1: The Driftwood Tavern, Neverwinter and the Cragmaw Hideout (9/23/17)

Gundren Rockseeker, a dwarven miner, meets with his old friend Zaxbinaxby the Silverthorn (a dragonborn wizard, aka Dad) and new acquaintances Emally (a human bard, aka Mitch) and Darius Falone (a half-elf paladin, aka Drew) to get them to bring a wagonload of supplies to Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin. Payment is 10 GP each. Emally introduced herself to Darius by trying to pick his pocket, but Darius caught the little urchin.

Gundren leaves to head to Phandalin with his friend Sildar Hallwinter, and the trio leave a day later. After three days of travel, they meet fellow adventurer Eileria Fangorn (wood elf ranger, aka Elizabeth) when they turn off the High Road from Neverwinter and begin traveling east on the Triboar Trail toward Phandalin.

After half a day on the Triboar Trail, they find two dead horses, which must have belonged to Gundren and Sildar. Then goblins ambush them, just as they recover an empty map case from Gundren’s horse. They defeat the goblins, avoid two traps, and enter the hideout! They fight goblins and find an unarmed and barely conscious Sildar, but no sign of Gundren!

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D&D Dad: Tower of the Mad Mage (our Adventure Report)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played Tower of the Mad Mage!

Tower of the Mad Mage

Session: Tower of the Mad Mage (1/14/18)

Neptune Stormbringer (firbolg/genasi druid, aka Drew), Revali (aaracokra ranger, aka Mitch), Rurik (hill dwarf bard, aka Robinson), and Kirby (high elf cleric, aka Caleb) – occasionally assisted by Cloud Serpent and Sir Puggle III – are old friends, chatting with Brottor the bartender in the Gambling Golem tavern in the village of Longsaddle.

Kirby talks about his time in jail and how he’s friends with dragons; Revali notes that he’d never hurt birds; Rurik reminds everyone he’s still searching for his father, and Neptune brags about how long he can hold his breath and how fascinated he is with cataloging monsters.

Their chat is interrupted when Sqwelch the goblin bursts into the bar, crying for help and promising big rewards. Of course the party agrees to help, and they leave town, heading west into the Starmetal Hills, following Skwelch to the tower of the mad mage Hugo Harpell in the Neverwinter Wood. On the way they fight off a wild boar and meet an odd fellow who had crossed the mad mage and was cursed as a result.

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D&D Dad: Temple of the Nightbringers (our Adventure Report)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played Temple of the Nightbringers!


Session 1: Bugbears and Sleeping Goblins (7/26/18)

The party — Caelynn Amastacia the Elven Sorcerer, Ermenir Kahilda the Elven Wizard, H.H. Horns the Minotaur Barbarian, Mavthos the Tiefling Warlock, and Torner Fireforge the Dwarf Fighter — meet on the road from Triboar on their way to the tiny village of Melton. They’ve heard rumors of many goblin attacks in the past few months, all of them near Melton, and this band of old friends decide to gather forces and become adventurers.

But Frida Greatheart, the constable of Melton, blocks their way into town, and won’t let them through the  gates. Mavthos tries using his Charisma, while the others try to get Frida to let them in, though she seems strangely determined to deny the possibility of any kind of goblin attacks in or near her village. At last the party convince her to let them in, and they head right for the one and only tavern in town, The Weary Knight.

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D&D Dad: Troll Trouble (our Adventure Report)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played Troll Trouble!

Troll Trouble

Session 1, 7/12/18: Ravendale and Burt the “Troll”

Lifelong friends and first-time adventurers Kendal the Elven Cleric (Mitch), Mavthos the Tiefling Warlock (Drew), and Zaldo Wiggletoe the Stout Halfling Monk (Dad) meet up at the Broken Plow in Ravendale for their first quest.

They find the town (about 80 miles west of Amphail) and its surrounding lands suffering from what appears to be a long drought. They meet Roanna Redmane at the tavern, and her daughter Shalia is missing after attempting to bring supplies to the beleaguered village. The heroes take up the challenge and head for Stonebottom Bridge, home to what could be an evil troll. They find a wrecked wagon, a captive horse, and an ogre named Burt eating the other horse. Gross.

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D&D Dad: Wizard in a Bottle (our Adventure Report)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played Wizard in a Bottle!

Wizard in a Bottle

Session: Wizard in a Bottle (1/27/18)

Neptune (Drew), Revali (Mitch), Kirby (Caleb), and Rurik (our friend Robinson) are joined by Kazi (half-elf sorcerer, aka our friend Melissa) and Lilliana (aasimar Paladin, aka Elizabeth) at their usual table in the Driftwood Tavern in Neverwinter. As it turns out, Kazi and Lilliana have arranged for the party to meet a one-legged man named Ulfgar Longwood at the Tavern to discuss a new opportunity.

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