In addition to writing fiction, I’ve also worked at writing various forms of non-fiction. This page highlights that work and includes some writing samples from each area.

Feel free to take a look at my resume or jump over to my LinkedIn profile.

Technical Writing

I’ve done technical writing for IBM, Lenovo, Siebel, NetIQ, and a software start-up called Visitar, to name a few, as well as contract work at Arup, GlaxoSmithKline, and Tech Resource Group. I’ve been at ScienceLogic since 2017. Below are some samples of my technical writing work:

I have also created extensive online Help systems for standalone user interfaces as well as merged Help for larger, enterprise-level software. Feel free to contact me for additional samples.

Marketing Writing

As a writer and a (part-time) publisher, I have a strong interest in marketing and finding the best way to attract readers and customers. Plus I like learning how things work and dissecting entrepreneurial trends. Here are some samples:

Online Articles and Related Work

Features Writing

While I worked as an editor at the Raleigh News & Observer, I also wrote some feature stories for the paper, including the following samples:

Creating Digital Comics

Formatting Comics for the Kinds and NookAfter artist Niki Smith and I completed our nine-issue digital comic In Maps & Legends, we wanted to gather all that we’d learned in the process of creating our graphic novel.

This how-to ebook covers how to assemble your comic, your art book, or other image-heavy book for the two biggest e-readers on the market: Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Formatting Comics for the Kindle and Nook is available from   (appropriately) the Kindle ebook store.

Teaching Fiction Writing

I’ve taught live courses as well as online courses focusing on how to write and sell fiction. Here are some sample courses:

Cover Design

Below are just three of the covers I created for ebook and print-on-demand books from UnWrecked Press and elsewhere, which I designed using Photoshop and other tools. (Click a cover for a larger version.)

Family,Pack  Local Heroes
ANT_Cover  Unassisted Living


ASOoM_150x240I’ve created ePubs (used by Nook and Kobo devices), Mobi files (used by Kindle devices), and PDF versions of various novels and non-fiction books.

To view a sample eBook I created, download any of the versions of my novel A Sudden Outbreak of Magic:

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