New Audiobook: Hunter’s Moon!

HuntersMoonACXI’m very excited to announce another great audiobook version of one of my books.

You know, I have to admit that it’s such a rush to listen to an actor narrate my words and voice my characters, and I think you’ll enjoy this one.

And the book is Hunter’s Moon, the sequel to Family, Pack. We pick up the story a year after book 1, and narrator Maxwell Zener returns to tell the tale.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Tommy Roling loves his new life in the city, and he’s finally comfortable with his werewolf side.

Then a group of strangers invades the lives of Tommy and his pack, giving him a glimpse of a harsh darkness just outside the boundaries of his fragile new world.

A world that Tommy just might not be able to hold together on his own.

The audio version of Hunter’s Moon is now available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

A new series is born! Family Pack Book 2

Today marks the publication date of my “baby werewolf” novel, Hunter’s Moon.

HuntersMoonCover300It’s a sequel to my “rural fantasy” novel Family, Pack, in which our hero Tommy has a newborn baby he has to care for, and he’s barely 20 years old. In the new book, it’s a year later, and his daughter Corinne is definitely in her terrible twos stage.

So maybe I should call it my “toddler werewolf” novel.

In any case, I had a ton of fun writing this book, even I took a long break from it during the middle and end of 2015 (unemployment and job-hunting will do that to you!). I’m really glad I picked up Tommy and Corinne’s story again, because I have a lot of ideas of where to go next with this father-daughter werewolf combo.

And hey, this means I’ve got another series underway, to go along with my Contagious Magic series.

(Next up is book two in the Finder Team series, which will give me three ongoing series at the same time. Woo!)

Read more details about book 2 in the Family Pack series at the Hunter’s Moon page, or just check out these convenient ebook and trade paperback links:

Happy Friday!




No, not that kind of streaking. Nobody wants to see me doing that.

But it’s a new year, and I’ve been itching to get back to writing fiction for quite some time now. Last year got a bit nuts with my stint of unemployment and job-hunting, then starting back at a new job that took up all my brain juice.

But now I’m ready to get back to fictionalizing. And I’m already on a streak.

Yesterday I started work on Hunter’s Moon the novel I started last year (a sequel to my “baby werewolf” novel Family, Pack).

Knocked out about 750 words. Then this morning, while Elizabeth got caught up on some paperwork and the boys got some Minecraft time, I wrote another 709 words or so on the book.

Taking my Writing Streak 2016 to 2 days!

It’s a start. Follow along (and cheer me on) to see how long this streak can go – at least 500 new words a day! Any hey, I’m at 1% of my 2016 goal — check out my counter on the right.

But more importantly, I’m enjoying the writing process again, not stressing about it, and just having fun. Happy new year, indeed!


Listen to those wolves howl!

Family Pack AudiobookJust in time for Halloween, I’m happy to announce the audiobook adaptation of the dark fantasy novel Family, Pack!

UnWrecked Press had narrator Maxwell Zener come back to share the story of young Tommy Roling and his infant daughter Corinne. Father and daughter share a dark secret that some might see as a curse, but Tommy sees as a blessing.

That secret is the reason, with every full moon, Tommy can’t fight the urge to strip off his clothes and run wild through the pastures outside town. So when a stranger shows up slashed to death the day after Tommy’s most recent full-moon run, Tommy must resolve this murder, or he could lose what little he has left.

That includes his innocent baby girl, Corinne, who just might have inherited his werewolf gene from him.

The audio version of Family, Pack is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Give it a listen today!

Challenge: Write 500 Words a Day

Just a quick note here to let y’all know I’m still here.

Plugging away after life threw me a couple curve balls — our Raleigh office closed in April, and they let go pretty much everyone at the office, including me.

So I’ve been job-hunting and networking like a champ since then, which becomes a bit draining after a while. You look at all the jobs, try to narrow them down, and then fill out the online application (some of which can be long and tedious), add a resume and custom cover letter, and hope for the best. Then you start to worry you’re missing the perfect job, so you keep hunting. It becomes a vicious cycle.

But I’ve got some leads, and while I got sidetracked by a job that I (and one of my potential bosses) thought was all but wrapped up in late May, and I’m feeling good about the prospects.

What I haven’t been doing is writing fiction. I tried to keep up with the novel in April after the lay-off, then by May I was knee-deep in job applications and creating some (pretty awesome, if I say so myself) writing samples for potential jobs. But I wasn’t working on my novel.

June 15, 2015 progress
So nice to see this finally move off the 27,000-word mark where it had been stuck for about a month!

I wrote all of 1,800 words on my current novel in May. That’s just 6 pages. In a month. Bleh.

So for my birthday I decided to challenge myself: I will write 500 words a day, minimum, every day.

If this is my dream — to be a full-time fiction writer — then I need to keep on writing, despite what distractions are going on in my world.

The tentative cover to Hunter's Moon!
Tentative cover to Hunter’s Moon

On Saturday, my birthday, I got up early and got back in touch with my characters in Hunter’s Moon, the sequel to my novel Family, Pack.

And I wrote about 600 words. Sunday I wrote about 700 more. And yesterday, even though it was a crazy day, I squeezed in another 600 words (a car chase scene, woo!).

Which leaves me with today. I just wrote about 350 words on this blog post, which could’ve been used on my novel — I could’ve finished up that car chase. What was I thinking?

And so the challenge continues! Wish me luck, and thanks for reading!