A Lasting Cure… for my cover needs!

It’s been a whirlwind week and a half of emails, downloads, checking and rechecking email, and brainstorming ideas.

But it all paid off with the third cover for my Contagious Magic series of books: A Lasting Cure for Magic, once again designed by M. Selena Jackson:


This one was the trickiest, because we have both Kelley and Jeroan (from the covers to books 1 and 2), and getting them matched up, while still incorporating some elements of my original cover (the big wave):

A Lasting Cure for Magic (cover image by Fotolotti | dreamstime)

But once again, Ms. Jackson came through, and we ended up with an amazing design that maintained the look and feel of the first 2 covers, while adding something new as well.

I’m very, very happy with all three new covers, and I’m amazed at how fast it all happened. It’s great working with a true professional like Ms. Jackson.

Now… which other covers need a bit of a “refresh”???

The hits keep coming… New cover #2

This has been a fun week, working with graphic designer M. Selena Jackson on the new covers for my three Contagious Magic novels.

Not that my original cover (below) needed much help… Yeah, right!

A Wild Epidemic of Magic (photo by Ron Chapple Studios)

For the past few days I’ve been constantly checking my email to see what wonderful combination Ms. Jackson has sent me next, after knocking it outta the park with her cover for A Sudden Outbreak of Magic.

She’ll send a mock-up, we’ll discuss, I’ll give her my feedback, and she’ll take my comments and run with them. It’s great to work with her, and I’m always amazed at her composition and design skills.

And yesterday we finalized the cover to book 2 in the Contagious Magic series: A Wild Epidemic of Magic:

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A Sudden Outbreak… of New Cover Awesomeness!

Sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel and call in the experts.

I mean, I liked the cover I put together for my all-ages, contemporary-fantasy novel A Sudden  Outbreak of Magic. It had some nice movement to it, some cool fireworks, and a riverboat, just like the one in the climactic final scene of the book.
A Sudden Outbreak of Magic

But it was kind of dark, the image was small, and the whole thing felt kind of… flat, somehow. It didn’t show the fun in the book, nor did it show that it was a book for kids aged ten and up. The cover didn’t do its job.

So I’ve been looking, off and on, for some new cover possibilities. And then this week I ran across the wonders of “premade covers” online. Talk about falling down the rabbit hole! After scanning through hundreds of covers, I managed to find a bunch of great covers for a couple other books of mine that need some TLC. But nothing for my Contagious Magic series of books.

And then I found a premade cover by artist M. Selena Jackson.

It jumped off the screen at me.

It was perfect — I’d found my main character, Kelley, right there on her cover, looking out at me with a hint of a smile on her face. Perfect!

So I contacted Ms. Jackson, and she kindly did some tweaking to the background and added the title and my name to the cover, and BOOM. A fantastic cover.

Here it is — I don’t have enough words to express how wonderful this cover is for A Sudden Outbreak of Magic:


(Yes, that’s the city of Dubuque behind her, where most of the story takes place! So awesome.)

To celebrate the new cover, I’m running a giveaway at Amazon — if you’re one of the first 30 people to enter the giveaway (you’ll need to “Follow” my Author page at Amazon to qualify), you’ll have a 2 in 30 chance to win a free copy of the ebook for A Sudden Outbreak of Magic.

Here’s another link to the giveaway — please check it out and let me know if you have questions (I’ve never done one of these!).

Oh, and one more thing… Ms. Jackson is now working on the covers for books 2 and 3!

(Drops the mike.)




New Audiobook: Hunter’s Moon!

HuntersMoonACXI’m very excited to announce another great audiobook version of one of my books.

You know, I have to admit that it’s such a rush to listen to an actor narrate my words and voice my characters, and I think you’ll enjoy this one.

And the book is Hunter’s Moon, the sequel to Family, Pack. We pick up the story a year after book 1, and narrator Maxwell Zener returns to tell the tale.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Tommy Roling loves his new life in the city, and he’s finally comfortable with his werewolf side.

Then a group of strangers invades the lives of Tommy and his pack, giving him a glimpse of a harsh darkness just outside the boundaries of his fragile new world.

A world that Tommy just might not be able to hold together on his own.

The audio version of Hunter’s Moon is now available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

A new series is born! Family Pack Book 2

Today marks the publication date of my “baby werewolf” novel, Hunter’s Moon.

HuntersMoonCover300It’s a sequel to my “rural fantasy” novel Family, Pack, in which our hero Tommy has a newborn baby he has to care for, and he’s barely 20 years old. In the new book, it’s a year later, and his daughter Corinne is definitely in her terrible twos stage.

So maybe I should call it my “toddler werewolf” novel.

In any case, I had a ton of fun writing this book, even I took a long break from it during the middle and end of 2015 (unemployment and job-hunting will do that to you!). I’m really glad I picked up Tommy and Corinne’s story again, because I have a lot of ideas of where to go next with this father-daughter werewolf combo.

And hey, this means I’ve got another series underway, to go along with my Contagious Magic series.

(Next up is book two in the Finder Team series, which will give me three ongoing series at the same time. Woo!)

Read more details about book 2 in the Family Pack series at the Hunter’s Moon page, or just check out these convenient ebook and trade paperback links:

Happy Friday!