According to my work calendar, today is Day 263 of 2016. Which means that there are just 103 days left in 2016! That’s less than 15 weeks left to nail those resolutions.

Are you getting all your stuff done?

I’m not. I had high hopes for the year, and I fell down on the job. Reality intrudes, as always, and I never seem to have the energy or time to get it all done.

But instead of beating myself up over them, I’m going to re-jigger, recalculate, and see what I can do with the rest of the year. Are you with me on this path?


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Contagious Magic… out loud!

A WIld Epidemic of Magic AudioIt’s live! The audiobook version of A Wild Epidemic of Magic, the second book in the Contagious Magic fantasy series for all ages, is now here.

This one is a ton of fun.

Narrated with amazing range and energy by the amazing Mike Alger, A Wild Epidemic of Magic continues the intertwined stories of teenage twins Kelley and Jeroan Strickland.

Both twins were ‘infected’ by magic in Dubuque, Iowa, in book one, A Sudden Outbreak of Magic. A wild adventure breaks out in this audiobook as a result.

And I have a strong feeling you’re gonna love all the different voices that Mr. Alger has dreamed up for the sprawling cast of characters in this book. It’s a blast!

The audio version of A Wild Epidemic of Magic is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Two new Rocking covers

I’ve been wanting to update a couple more covers to finish the “refresh” of my older books, and thanks to Adrijus at Rocking Book Covers, I need to look no longer.

Here’s the first new one:


And the second:


I think they speak for themselves–they really do rock. Enjoy!!!

A Lasting Cure… for my cover needs!

It’s been a whirlwind week and a half of emails, downloads, checking and rechecking email, and brainstorming ideas.

But it all paid off with the third cover for my Contagious Magic series of books: A Lasting Cure for Magic, once again designed by M. Selena Jackson:


This one was the trickiest, because we have both Kelley andĀ Jeroan (from the covers to books 1 and 2), and getting them matched up, while still incorporating some elements of my original cover (the big wave):

A Lasting Cure for Magic (cover image by Fotolotti | dreamstime)

But once again, Ms. Jackson came through, and we ended up with an amazing design that maintained the look and feel of the first 2 covers, while adding something new as well.

I’m very, very happy with all three new covers, and I’m amazed at how fast it all happened. It’s great working with a true professional like Ms. Jackson.

Now… which other covers need a bit of a “refresh”???

The hits keep coming… New cover #2

This has been a fun week, working with graphic designer M. Selena Jackson on the new covers for my three Contagious Magic novels.

Not that my original cover (below) needed much help… Yeah, right!

A Wild Epidemic of Magic (photo by Ron Chapple Studios)

For the past few days I’ve been constantly checking my email to see what wonderful combination Ms. Jackson has sent me next, after knocking it outta the park with her cover for A Sudden Outbreak of Magic.

She’ll send a mock-up, we’ll discuss, I’ll give her my feedback, and she’ll take my comments and run with them. It’s great to work with her, and I’m always amazed at her composition and design skills.

And yesterday we finalized the cover to book 2 in the Contagious Magic series: A Wild Epidemic of Magic:

AWEoM_300Yeah, that’s our buddy Jeroan! This cover took a darker turn, which I love, as it follows his story arc as he starts hanging out with the people who we thought were the bad guys in book one.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Ms. Jackson incorporated some elements of my original cover, integrating all the aspects in a way that I never could’ve done.

I love it! Especially the red watch — that tiny detail tickles me for some reason. Especially the lightning coming out it.

And now I’ve gotta check my email to see if we have something new for cover 3…!