So Long 2017, Hello 2018!

And just like that, it’s December 31st! It’s been a very light year for posting blog updates for me. For a while, I cheated and cross-posted my Instagram photos here as pseudo-blog entries, but I think I’m ready to start some (light) blogging again.

2017_ClockBut I’m getting ahead of myself, thinking about all my goals for the new year.

I want to do something in the first half of this blog that I rarely do lately — take a look back. I’m usually busy keeping up with my daily To-Do List and mapping out my goals for the futures. So… what the heck happened in 2017?

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This would make a great movie!


I’m so happy to report that the story that started out as a novel way back when, then morphed into a web-comic, then a digital comic, and a complete 9-issue storyline has now been optioned to be a movie!

Here are all the details: Film Rights Optioned for Graphic Novel IN MAPS & LEGENDS.

I’m excited to see what the next 30 months hold for this story (12 months for the initial option, 18 for the extension, if needed).

I’d love it if the movie was actually made, but I’m skeptical, of course, just because making a movie is a gigantic undertaking with hundreds of moving parts. And I thought scripting all 192 pages of this comic was a challenge…!

It’s awesome that something I started working on nearly a decade ago has found a new life, and I’m just glad all the heavy lifting — for me — is already done.

Although now I’m already plotting out the next book in the In Maps & Legends series…

Art by Niki Smith

It took all hands on deck to get our crooked nine-footer in its stand and decorated, but it’s done! #xmastree

It took all hands on deck to get our crooked nine-footer in its stand and decorated, but it’s done! #xmastree

Christmas tree hunting!

Christmas tree hunting!

Because there are leaves. #winterishere

Because there are leaves. #winterishere