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In this blog, I post articles every Thursday (or Friday) about all sorts of topics related to Dungeons & Dragons, including how to get started, which resources and sites have the best info, and how to be the best DM (Dungeon Master) and PC (player character) you can be.

Also, because I usually play D&D with my kids, my focus is on making sure kids (and other new players) enjoy the game right off the bat.

NOTE: Topics that aren’t linked are coming soon! Feel free to suggest more topics in the Comments section, below.

A Little HistoryD&D Starter Set

  • We’re going on an adventure! (read this first!)
  • What is D&D?
  • Tell me more about this D&D resurgence…
  • Isn’t D&D… satanic???
  • Books about the history of D&D
  • Victory at Castle Deepmoat (D&D Dad’s first adventure!)

How to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Pool and gaming table
Forget playing pool, we’re gaming here.

Module Reviews

Tower of the Mad Mage

Other Fun Stuff and External Links


DnDDadThanks for reading! If you’re enjoying this blog, feel free to take a look at my books at UnWrecked Press and Amazon. If something I wrote here improved your gaming experience or you just want to say thanks, buy a book or two!

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  1. Feel free to leave any questions or comments here! Are there any topics in the list you’d like to see sooner than later? Any topics not in my list that you’d like me to explore? Let me know. Thanks!


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