Hello again!

Hey, I think I remember how to use this thing…

It’s been a few, I know. Years, actually. I thought I’d drop a quick line here to make sure things still work, and give a quick update. It’s been two years since my last post… Wow.

I’ve been busy with work, life, moving to a farm, raising two teenagers(!), and I have barely been reading anything other than the occasional article here and there. As for actually writing anything not work-related, well, forget about it.

But I’ve bee wanting to get back to writing for a while. So my current plan (for 2023) is to do some adapting. I want to learn how to write screenplays, so I thought I’d try my hand at adapting a couple of my novels.

For more info, check out my shiny new Screenplays page, where you can download the openings to a couple screenplays I wrote a while ago.


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