D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 7

Below is the next session of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder.

Session 7, 9/2/19:

The party is recovering from the fire giant attack at the campground in Triboar when another tragedy strikes: Torinn Thavaa is squished by the 1,000-lb. piece of adamantine that the team had started digging up! Luckily, a new adventurer by the name of Ikkibirel (an Aaracokra Life Domain Cleric) flaps into town to give Torinn his last rites (and snag his magic items).

After deciding to leave the piece of adamantine, which they’ve learned is part of a giant construct called the Vonindod, the team is interrupted by a panicked Beldora, the Harper posing as a beggar in town. She tells the team she’s gotten a message from the son of Count Stratovahn, a war-hungry Storm Giant, and the son (Olthanas) wants to protect the little people of the Sword Coast from his father and his soldiers. Will the team help investigate?

Of course they do, and soon they’re flying up to meet this cloud castle in Beldora’s airship. They avoid being seen and do a HALFF (High Altitude/Low Feather Fall) from the ship and land safely in the gardens of one of the three islands that make up the castle grounds. They avoid a shambling mound in the garden and get through the cloudstuff gates leading inside. They start gathering evidence that Olthanas might be on the up and up, but his majordomo Balakar seems intent on war, and making the party the scapegoats for Olthanas’ death. The team gains two ranks of Harper renown for their detective work, including finding empty vials of poison in Balakar’s chambers, and a poisoned giant guard not far from there…

After meeting Droop the Goblin again for the first time in the kitchens, the party makes their way to the last island of the cloud castle, where they narrowly avoid a white dragon (out for a stroll, it appears) and then they meet Olthanas (he’s happy to see them) and Balakar (she’s not). Balakar betrays her master and makes the choker around his neck start to truly choke him. The party leaps into battle, and half of them attack the choker, while the other half attack Balakar. The party seems to be beating her and choker when the white dragon appears! Luckily, Ikkibirel knows the Command spell, and that takes care of the dragon. The choker is broken and Balakar is defeated.

Everyone earns a level 3 renown in the Harper’s, so they are all “Harpshadows”. Olthanas agrees to try to end the storm giant attacks planned for the Sword Coast, and he also gives the party 1,000 gp worth of jewelry and art objects to split amongst themselves. After Mavthos buzzes Beldora with his Speaking Stone to let her know it’s time to go back to Triboar, the team levels up to Level 6!


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