D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 6

Below is the next session of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder.

Session 6, 8/24/19:

The team is in Triboar, searching for Naxene; she is an expert in dragons (direct from Morack AKA Gimli). Triboar is famous for horses and farming area with blacksmiths and guides.  Hear and smell horses, fenced in riding yard with a grazing field and buildings nearby. See a bundle-o-rags woman and Shashy’ra wants to speak with her. She is heavily bundled and appears to be homeless. She has thick gloves and boots that are too big for her lil feet and is holding a cup with a few copper pieces inside. Shashy’ra does spot a shimmer of metal, which could be a sword or knife. Shashy’ra approaches the bundle-o-rags and inquires about the bar. FAKE SURPRISE! With watchful eyes and a fake surprising face she greets the team as “fellow adventures, friends”. Sir Frost Breaker is not amused with her presence and is not taking to the likes of this “creature”. Mavthos attempts to be charming to the dirty lady and realizes that her eyes give her away. Mavthos realizes he knows this woman and he knows her as a harper agent, Beldora. She exclaims, “Good to see you, Mavthos.”

Artus Cimber and the ring of winter: if the ring falls in the wrong hands, there will be no summer again. Beldora asks if there is any information on the ring. The frost giants are trying to get a hold of the ring of winter. “Have you heard about the, giant issues, we’ve been having lately?” Beldora asks slyly. “Do you have any information on Nightstone?” Mavthos turns his face and says, “It was kind of destroyed..”.

Shashy’ra is quick to explain that they are on their own quest and desperately need to find Naxine. Beldora quickly tells the team that Naxine is usually found at the Lion Share. “Are there any enchanted horses around these parts? Are they fast? How good are these horses?” Asks Shashy’ra. Naxine informs about the Pony Park near the North edge of town. Shashy’ra also asks “Are you and your friends camped out here, you and your “harpie” friends?” Beldora decides to trust everyone and open up and offers a pearl that can fit in your ear. She offers the sending stone to Mavthos, as he is a fellow harper. You can talk to any harper in any other town. Mavthos and Shashy’ra can use the stones and set up travel. Go to the city of Everlund and look for a harper wizard, Krowen Valharrow, and he lives in the Moon Tower. Krowen, if he finds you worthy, will show you how to travel through the realms, in an amazing, unexplainable way like travel has never been done before. Shashy’ra makes the mistake of asking about Earlim and Beldora begins to shut down and turn away from everyone. With Shashy’ra persistent on getting information, Beldora gives information on these thieves, cutthroats and mercenaries known as the Black Network. With that, Beldora bundles up and begins to leave.

Passing out of the farm area and see some shops, Waynewright’s Wagons, hear pounding and smell sawdust in the air. Two large campgrounds have some wagons scattered and the town square is the center of Triboar, where the two main roads meet. Sir Frost Breaker decides to go into the tower of the lord protector, “Hey my friends, ‘tis be the place we have been searching for!” See a tough-looking woman with pursed lips and a furrowed brow, she greets Sir Frost Breaker kindly. Frostbite is trying to talk, but hears a raspy, dry cough. “Fancy a bit o herbal honey?!” He chases down some fire whiskey and politely declines the honey offer. Frostbite realizes he has on some black metal armor and is very much intrigued. “ARE YOU HERE TO HELP? HAVE YOU SEEN THE WEEVIL?!” They speak of the Weevil and his whereabouts and Frostbite shakes his big, gauntlet hand.

“Can you hush it Frosty?!” Exclaims Shashy’ra. She is flirty, and feeling thirty, and gets as much information with some shoulder showing from the black armored stranger. Sir Barric speaks of his horse, Thinee, and how they were defeating the frost giants, while hunting the Weevil. Heard rumors of fire giants coming from the northeast. Shashy’ra asks about the ring of winter and he is quick to turn down further questions and turns to the woman (mayor) “, I may be gone for a while, but if this fine young dwarf ever needs to find me, send him to Xantharl’s Keep.”

Frost Breaker and Torinn would very much like to find a magic shop, but there is only bars, an inn (the North Shield house), a harness shop, and a great deal of boarded up shops. As they pass through, they see a metalworks place, Triboar Travelers, and the Lion Share. Walk in to the Lion Share and see rations, rope, wheels, water skins and find another room that has boots, leather armor, and clothing. See a dark-skinned woman who is behind the main counter and she is watching customers and flipping a coin. Mavthos surprised the lady and she is interested in the party. She introduces herself as Naxine and has graying hair, seems to be a wizard or a warlock. “Is there anything in the store I can help you with? Do you need any supplies? You seem to be adventurers…” asks Naxine. Frost Breaker is interested in some good armor, but Shashy’ra is interested in information, not items in the store. Naxine is questioned on dragon knowledge and finds herself intrigued on her new guests…

”Dragons and giants, you say, very interesting… I have heard some rumblings of these giants pretty recently, within the past month or two.” Says Naxene and also requests Torinn closes the door behind him. Naxene begins to explain that the giants have been attacking within the past month or two. Not hill giants, stone giants, frost, fire, storm, cloud. All of the giants have been trying to make a name for themselves and causing trouble for the little people, as they call us. I think I know how to get rid of the giant problem as she flips her coin. DRAGONS. Dragon expert in Waterdeep, Chazley Yarghorn. Provides detailed directions to the team and instructs to find a powerful dragon to speak to all the dragons. May have a chance to defeat the giants.

“How do you know a good dragon from a bad dragon?!” Asks Shashy’ra. “The chromatic dragons are evil and the metallic dragons are normally the good dragons and relatively lawful. Talk to them about the greater good and remind them of the ancient history to persuade them to help.

“Do you have any magical items to better equip ourselves to save Triboar and all of the other cities of the forgotten realms?” Exclaims Frost Breaker with a whip of his long, long hair; extremely ridiculous long hair. He receives a shield made of dragon scales and Naxine offers two hollowed out dragon fangs. There is a hole in the tip of each of these. “I think these would work as a horn, but only use these fangs if it is a dire emergency.” Torinn is quick to assist carrying these, but Mavthos insists to hold one as well.

Sir Frost Breaker has a book, Wyrms of the North, that would have information on metallic dragons. Mentions Old Gnawbone, green dragon, is eccentric and could be swayed, but still risky. Sir Frost Breaker and Torinn research and discover Saryndala, Lady Gemcloak, The Axemother, a crystal dragon in Mirabar. Naxine agrees that this is a good plan to seek out Saryndala.

Head north as parting from Naxine; hear a HUGE boom almost directly north and can smell fire like a house is burning. See smoke and booming continues with loud, earth-shaking footsteps. Boulders are thrown into buildings and the team decides to move toward the noise, which are orcs wearing plate-mail armor. They are making their way through the trees and anyone is seen as an enemy to them. Also find “lavalings”, known as magmins along with a male and female frost giant, which are the cause of the boulder throwing.

Mavthos uses Eldritch Blast to take out two magmins in the front of the line. The magmins are quick to start more fires and march closer to the party. Orags, the orcs with armor, begin to throw javelins and hit Sir Frost Breaker in his weak arm. Beldora quickly attacks a magmins and takes him out! Shashy’ra steps up to take out some enemies with a fireball attack. The orags are badly damaged and their armor has severely melted. Shalvus is wanting to use his hand crossbow and injures one of the orags. Sir Frost Breaker rides his axebeak (ostrich with an axe beak) towards the enemy and saves an old lady. She has fled the scene for safety. Sir Frost Breaker also takes out another orag with his axe. Sir Baric attempts to save another villager and succeeds; another semi-happy fleeing villager. Sir Baric exclaims, “let’s go shopping, at the maul!” And happily takes out another orag. Naxene fires her Magic Missile to strike against both magmins and orags. Torinn casts Thunderwave and takes out the remaining orags and magmins. The frost giants seem un-phased by the attack and are still charging towards the team. Mavthos ensures Sir Puggle pulls the wagon away that is still aflame to put it out and remove from the range of the giants. Normanx ensures the flames go out as well. Mavthos and Beldora both fail attacks on the giants and Mavthos receives a terrible hit from a thrown rock. Shashy’ra attacks with a double web spell to trap both the male and female frost giants. Shalvus decides to shoot his hand crossbow at the male giant with some damage. Sir Frost Breaker sends Mavthos his broom and goes toward the wagon and throws a blanket on the fire. Sir Baric does a little diddy to make sure the flame is gone. Sir Frost Breaker quickly throws his javelin to catch the male giant in the neck. Sir Baric is “leveling up” while dancing on the blanket and shoots his crossbow at the male as well. Unfortunately, he doesn’t hit but is still dancing away. Torinn uses his glaive and two unarmed attacks towards the female giant and is heavily weakened. Mavthos uses his Eldritch blast to attack the female and seems to be in worst shape than the male. Naxene also fires her fire bolt spell at the female to take her less than half of health.

The female frost giant attacks Shashy’ra and almost kills her! The male frost giant attacks Sir Frost Breaker, but he is hearty and not going down that easy! Shashy’ra is going to utilize her lightning bolt to hit both giants. Shalvus is going to utilize his crossbow attack again and attacks the female. Sir Frost Breaker is prepared to use his giant slayer magical weapon to attempt to remove the male frost giant’s head. He takes a heavy blow but is still fighting for his life. Torinn and Naxene attempt to kill the two giants and end up slightly weakening them more. Shashy’ra is done. She tells Mavthos to end this. Mavthos casts Eldritch Blast (twice) and kills the female. She falls and actually catches Mavthos’ foot and almost breaks it! The male giant throws his sword down and attempts to flee after his twin sister is taken out. Shashy’ra webbed up the male as he was trying to escape and Sir Frost Breaker is ready to attack with his great axe. Sir Frost Breaker has completely murdered the male.

Shashy’ra researches the findings of the wagon and she notices where the male giant threw his sword, she finds black metal. Mr. Pugglesworth helps dig out this miraculous find. Torinn uses interact with an object to discover that it is a joint, like an elbow, from a giant that is greater than a giant. The orags had 100GP between them all. The female has a ruby pendant, worth 750GP and the male had a sack with all of his items. The group finds a rod that looks like it would fit perfectly in a giant’s hand. 9 charges left; can be used to try to find another piece. Earlim Stockspool tried to creep up on the team and wanted to make an offer, but Shashy’ra basically told him to buzz off.

The team decides to take camp here as it is now safe (finally).


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