D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 5.5

Below is the next session of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder.

Session 5.5, 8/18/19:

As soon as Brother Broosel (who actually stowed away in Zephyros’ tower!) and Sir Frost Breaker leave the tower in the horse pasture where it landed outside the town of Triboar, a young girl runs up to them looking for their help. A dwarf who sounds suspiciously like The Weevil is trying to steal her father’s horses from their farm! Brother B and Sir FB charge off with her, without waiting for the rest of the party.

On their way to the farm, the trio charge around the Triboar Cemetery, and the girl, Nella Sticklebrew, is snatched up by a wight wearing the tattered uniform of The Twelve, the Triboar militia. They mutter something about “protecting” her from intruders, which they think Sir FB and Brother B are. Battle ensues, with some Divine Smiting, Channeling Divinity, and Thunderwaving, and the heroes get the girl away from the undead.

They make it to the Sticklebrew farm just in time to see a dwarf that HAS to be the Weevil ride off on horseback, leading two other horses. “Those are all our horses!” Nella cries, and they chase after them as best they can. Sir Frost Breaking summons a huge elk using Find Steed, and Brother Broosel dashes behind them. Nella, meanwhile, shows Brother B how to whistle for the horses, and one of them pulls up short and returns, while the Weevil and his stolen horse ride up to the barn on another farm.

The Weevil meets up with  6 orcs riding axebeaks and carrying torches and javelins. Weevil points back toward Triboar as if giving the orcs directions, and then he takes a bag of gold from the lead orc and rides off. “Nice try,” he shouts at Sir Frost Breaker, “but you gotta be faster than that to catch me.”

The orcs on axebeaks attach the two heroes, while Nella wisely runs back to the horse pasture for help. Battle ensues on horseback and axebeak-back, and many axebeaks and all of the orcs die. Sir FB takes the reins for the two surviving axebeaks just as his magically summoned elk disappears, and they return to town victorious. They tell the Lord Protector, Darathra Shendel, about the planned orc attack, and with Nella as her witness, she rewards them with a Giant Slayer Axe (Sir FB) and Gloves of Missile Snaring (Brother B) from the coffers of town. The rest of the party listens to the story of the two adventures against the Weevil and the orcs on Axebeaks and are amazed (and a little disappointed) that they missed it all.


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