D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 5

Below is the next session of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder.

Session 5, 5/21/19:

The party has a slight re-shuffle, as Brother Broosel remains in the Nightstone Inn to catch up with friends, and Torinn wanders off to do some monk training on his own. And on their way out of Nightstone, the party meets up with Mehen, an old friend of Sir Frost Breaker, who joins them for the next leg of the adventure. Mehen shares his elaborate back-history for anyone in the party interested in such things.

No sooner than Mehen meets the others, a cloud giant tower drops from the sky, and the party climbs up the cloud to meet the mysterious (and slighty mad) wizard Zephyros. He offers to take the party to Triboar so long as they promise to fix the Ordning, the ancient giant class structure that has apparently been broken and causing issues all across the Realms.

The team rides Sir FB’s broom up to the library on the 2nd floor of Zephyros’ tower, where they copy down key info from the huge books there, including Wyrms of the North (all dragons all the time), Giant Poop Happens (don’t ask!), Runes of the Giants, and more. Halberticus asks Z for some giant-sized paper, and he proceed to create a huge paper airplane, which he rides on with his halfling self, earning some well-deserved Inspiration in the process.

On the third day of the trip, a group of 9 cultists riding giant vultures arrive, looking for Zephyros. The party convince Z to turn down the cultists’ offer for him to join their fight against the other cults. Of course, a fight breaks out, and the party battles the cultists and vultures (while Z levitates back to the 2nd floot of his huge tower). The cultist leave behind a strange bag, which when opened lets out a huge rush of energy, followed by a scream as whatever it was falls to its doom (Sir Frost Breaker opened the bag while on his broom, twenty feet from the tower and its cloud). The bag is actually a Bag of Holding, and Mavthos asks to hang onto it.

The tower moves north/northeast at a healthy clip, and on the 11th day the party arrives just outside Triboar. Zephyros lets everyone out, wishes them luck, and flies off to the west, headed for parts unknown. The party, meanwhile, are ready to partake in one or more of the various quests they’ve been given. And everyone levels up to level FIVE!


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