D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 4

Below is the next session of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder.

Session 4, 5/14/19:

Back up the path, the group marches to get back to Nightstone. However, before they reach the gate they realize, the drawbridge is up! Starving, sweaty, bloody, and exhausted, the group along with 24 villagers just want to shower, rest, eat, and recuperate from the brutal trip into the caves. Halberticus decides to shout out and get a response, with no luck. Sir Frost Breaker and Torinn (with Normanx) mount their brooms and begin to fly up and check out the drawbridge. They are stopped by a voice. Definitely of power and noticeably female. She lets the group know that they have taken over the town; them being the Zentirim. She warns that she threw the last guard into the moat and Elara needs to get lost! The group learns that her name is Kella Darkhope and she is in charge of the Zentirim.

Mavthos yells, “Let us through or we will make our way through!” Kella decides to talk to them through a small crack in the gate, so Halberticus quickly uses his “Charm Person” spell, which leaves Kella charmed for one hour. Kella is absolutely smitten with Hal and is quick to let down the drawbridge to look deeper into his beautiful eyes.

Morak is quick to lead everyone into town and the team orders Kella to call off her men. She has a snake that responds to this request and quickly vanishes to call off any possible attacks or ambushes. As everyone makes their way to the inn, Morak decides to cook up some food and drinks are flowing quickly before too long. Sir Frost Breaker reminds Morak about hearing some adventurous stories, when the villagers begin to discuss the disaster that struck their town. A little boy said the people were light skinned with blue and silver hair. There was a leader, a countess, with a black mask that was ordering the rocks to be dropped on the town. He quickly grabs a small piece from his nightstand and worriedly says, “when I hold it, it vibrates and makes me want to throw up.”

Morak states that word needs to get to Waterdeep about the Giant attack. He instructs SFB to find his old friend Naxine in Triboar. It is about a 10 day hike, which means roughly 275 hours. Morak turns to Mavthos and says, “Find Naxine, tell her about the attack! She knows all about dragons, this knowledge can help with the fight against giants. “Make haste to Triboar!” says Morak passionately.

With all of the discussion about Triboar, weird rock nausea, and possible dragon fighting, the group suddenly realizes that the charm on Kella has worn off and Halberticus has a dagger to his throat. Kella quickly pulls away Halberticus and ends up offering him a place in the ranks of the Black Network AKA the Zentirim. Surprising to the group, he says yes and meets with her privately. Everyone is feeling very nervous for Hal; is he really going to join her? Is he charmed as well? Will he quickly take her life?

Halberticus returns alone and a smug look on his face. Some members of the group draw their weapons as they are unsure of his next move.  However, Hal holds up his hands and laughs, “Hey, I only told her that I would join so we can track down the network! I’m totally using her!”

Now that all of the craziness has died down and the ale is mostly gone, the group retreats to different bunks and hay stacks to cozy up for a restful night. Everyone is looking forward to checking out the trading post in the morning and preparing for the next adventure.


As the group wakes to a fresh day, they come across the townspeople chattering together. One of the townspeople, Brienne, offers money to the team and quietly states, “We have gathered money amongst ourselves to reward you for saving us; it is not much, but please know we are forever grateful.” (10GP/Player)

With this, the group is even more excited to get to the trading post in hopes of new weapons and unique finds. As they enter, they notice a polite, plump seller who  greets them with a smile. Torinn notices that the sign for the trading post has the same lion from his blue patch he found. Bertha notices Torinn comparing his patch to the sign and quickly dashes around the corner to practically knock Torinn over with a hug. Bertha is quick to apologize and says, “That patch came from my husband! I had suspected he didn’t make it; it’s been weeks!” Torinn quickly gives her a comforting hug and offers his deepest sympathies. She quickly scurries to the back and returns with a vial for Torinn, which her husband created. It is a Potion of Giant Size. “Wilfred was the greatest potion master and he made so many great potions for this town. This was his last special potion he made and I know through the gods you are meant to take it.” Torinn gratefully pockets the potion safely and asks about a stronger weapon than the dart he carries. “While this glaive is heavy, it can definitely do some damage. Wil would want you to have it.” And with another grateful hug, Torinn steps out to shine up his new weapon and make way for the group to talk to Miss Bertha.

Halberticus buys a longsword, while Sir Frost Breaker purchases two healing potions and is curious about the work of Wilfred. “Does Wilfred have any potion instructions that could help us along the way to Waterdeep?” With a thinking frown on her face, she lights up and starts to dig in a dusty hutch in the corner of the room. Bertha retrieves an old, antique-looking book and quickly blows the dust off. She is happy to offer the book to Sir Frost Breaker. However, SFB takes one confusing look at it and comments, “Well, I can’t read this jibberish…” Mavthos looks over his shoulder and realizes it is a Book of Potions in Arcane. With SFB’s permission, Mavthos skims the pages and gently pockets the book for safe-keeping. The group thanks Miss Bertha for her assistance and kindness and sets off with their new items.

Upon approaching the drawbridge, everyone comes to a stop as they hear a commotion coming from outside of the walls. The forest nearby, Ardeep Forest, has elves that are constantly getting attacked by orcs. Unfortunately, the orcs are on the run and have many arrows protruding from their smelly, decaying bodies AND they are coming right for Nightstone! Mavthos quickly leaps to the chains and is able to raise the drawbridge before they get the full brute from this mid-war orc attack!

Torinn is able to conjure his breath weapon, Blue Dragon and is able to hit three small orcs and the two giant leaders in the back. The three orcs in front hurl their javelins at the drawbridge and one slices Torinn’s arm. He is quick to wrap it up, but another comes close and ends up almost hitting Mavthos! SFB is also quick to dodge a large spear thrown by the chief orc. Halberticus decides to draw his shortbow and aim at the frontline orcs. Even though Hal misses, Brother Broosel quickly steps up and casts Thunderwave. Mavthos also returns damage with Scorching Rain and SFB retaliates with his great axe to split an orc right in two! Torinn also casts Thunderwave to kill two orcs, and everyone prepares for return attacks. One of the orcs is creating a spiritual hammer and he misses; probably because of his poor eyesight… With defeat in sight, the war chief begins to flee towards the forest.

Halberticus takes out an orc with his throwing axe and Mavthos hits the chief orc in the back. SFB decides to use his trusty great axe again to kill an orc and take down another to half strength. Torinn charges after the giant orc and uses Flurry of Blows to take down the last orc trying to escape. SFB calls upon his pet, Aspenan, to attack and feast on the remains of orc flesh. Finally, Mavthos casts Eldritch Blast to blow a hole the size of a Baconator through the back of a an orc. Sweet victory. The villagers appear around the entrance clapping, congratulating, and praising the team for another awesome victory. They haven’t left town yet, and start to dread the path ahead of them…

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