D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 3

Below is the next session of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder.

Session 3, 4/30/19:

As the team recovers from the fight, Sir Frost Breaker offers to heal Brother Broosel. (He isn’t of dragon descent, but he was drag-ging after that vicious fight!) Halberticus searches around the defeated ogre with great interest of selling his gigantic green eyeballs. He attempts to steal the eyeballs, but unfortunately squashes them both; each with a loud squish, which greatly saddens him. As the team gets their bearings after the fight and prepare for the next adventure throughout these caves, they hear movement. Sir Frost Breaker is determined to find out what is going on. He goes towards the noise in a trail off of the main area, but discovers nothing.

Halberticus decides to look down another dark path, but falls into a crevice and takes some damage! He is now 20 feet down, in the dark, and worried he may not be saved! Sir Frost Breaker follows the sound of Halberticus and is able to toss him a rope. As he is trying to pull Halberticus to safety, FB almost drops him as his footing gives way. Luckily, he is able to regain a strong stance and a firmer grip to pull Halberticus to safety and back with the team.

Brother Broosel warns the group, “We need to be prepared! We have been making a lot of noise between the fighting and your clumsiness!” In response, Halberticus performs a quiet cartwheel and enters a cave with a small opening at the back. A quiet gasp is let out by the team as they discover a corpse on the floor. He appears to be from the village and there are several rats nibbling on his body. He appears to have a purplish face and appears that he may have been beaten to death.

Mavthos and Halberticus decide to rush through the opening and it ends up being a trap of arrows! A voice screeches out, “Back off adventurers, unless you want more of the same!” Sir Frost Breaker tightens up his shield and charges through the opening. He encounters a giant goblin with two female goblins (his smelly wives!). FB charges the giant ogre with his sword but it has no effect as the giant is wearing chainmail. In retaliation, the giant lifts his scimitar to attack FB only to meet his trusty shield! The females are also shooting arrows at this point, but this isn’t Frost Breakers first fight.

Mavthos steps in to hex the giant and casts Eldritch Blast, which unfortunately does not have enough power against this nasty team. Sir Frost Breaker is quick on his toes and decides to jump backward and hurl his javelin at the giant. Not only does this hit the giant, but ends up driving him back into the shadows and commanding his wives to fight for him. Mavthos and Halberticus fight against the wives, which results in Mavthos taking a nasty arrow in the side from a wife (who ends up being a better shot than the other).

Scratching and screeches begin to deafen the cave as the group realize they are all about to be attacked by rats! After Normanx and the rest on foot battle off the attack, Brother Broosel, Torinn, and Halberticus take damage from the rat filth. Brother Broosel turns his focus and attack back to the goblins with his crossbow. Mavthos is feeling much more powerful and energized to use Eldritch Blast again! The group can hear the giant yell as Eldritch Blast knocks a wive into the wall of the cave, “No! Not Bessie! She was my favorite!”

As the rats continue to nibble and gnaw on the feet and shoes of the group, Torinn uses his Blue Blast weapon to blast the rats. They survive the attack, but now have scorched butts where their tails used to be! Halberticus uses his Poison Spray Spell towards the giant goblin, while Sir Frost Breaker takes a powerful swing of his sword. A loud echo rings throughout the cave as the head hits the ground from decapitation, along with a jingle from keys.

The last living wife is quick to grab the keys and backs away from the group mumbling something that sounds like “prisoners”. Torinn tries to reason with her and promises her life in exchange for the keys and any information, but he does not speak Goblin. She understands that she can flee the caves so gladly tosses the keys to Torinn and high-tails it! Meanwhile, Brother Broosel is stomping on the rat filth and takes out three of them as he is yelling for the group to help him take them out. Mavthos uses his curse, Eldritch Blast, again to kill two more rats, while Alara uses her short sword to pierce another rat. This leaves one, which Halberticus picks up and throws at Sir Frost Breaker. FB lines up his shot as though he was playing sticky-ball back home and slices the rat clear in half!

As the group winds down from their exhausting fights, they decide to check some of the items surrounding them. Torinn checks items for any historic value and finds a patch on the dead villager from the trading post: a blue lion. He decides to cut out the patch and keep it, to remember what to fight for. He also finds 10 silver pieces, which will help replenish some of his supplies. Sir Frost Breaker discovers a Dagger of Venom, which can utilize a thick black poison for enhanced damaging effect. He gladly offers this to Halberticus, who is truly grateful.

Keys mean locks somewhere and with the hint of prisoners from the last wife, the group decides to seek out more in the caves. As they reach the runner they can hear wings and notice a ridiculous amount of bat guano covering the ground. Torinn and Frost Breaker get to an alcove to talk to a prisoner. Suddenly a man screams as though he is being murdered. Torinn notices a 10 foot giant and Frost Breaker is quick to grab his long sword to attack. He turns out to be a SHE and gets very angry! (A few members of the group realize that this is the wife of the ogre they killed in the main cave!)

Brother Broosel uses his maul and has a hard hit on the ogre, but she comes back swinging her club. She does miss Broosel, but ends up knocking out her prisoner she was interrogating and close to feasting on. Torinn attempts an attack with his short sword, but misses; he does power through with two unarmed strikes. Mavthos casts Dagger Rain, in which a storm of daggers rains down. Halberticus attacks with his short sword while Sir Frost Breaker throws his javelin, while yelling, “Take that Fiona!” Elara throws her spear with such force that she is barely alive! Two goblins approach from all of the commotion and miss attacking Sir Frost Breaker but do some damage to Torinn with their bow and arrows.

Brother Broosel has had enough of the ogre and decides to give “Fiona” a new part, using his maul. Unfortunately, again, for the prisoner, he now has an lifeless ogre crushing him. With the two goblins at the entrance of the cave, Torinn commands everyone to stay behind him as he casts Thunderwave. This knocks the goblins back and with such force that they are lifeless before they hit the ground. The thu-thu-thunder was so loud and “thunderous” that the bats fly in to attack the group. Everyone survives and takes little damage, while Torinn is happy to free all of the prisoners with the goblin’s keys.

The team ends up freeing around two dozen villagers and Cousin Morack from Nightstone! Sir Frost Breaker is overwhelmed and sheds one tear of happiness to be reunited with his wee cousin Morack, also known as Gimli. There are some injured, but Torinn is quick to offer his herbalism kit and quickly ushers everyone out. Morack is thrilled to share more of his alarming adventures with his cousin and the party…

The party is joined by the halfling rogue Halberticus Darkleaf, an old friend, in Nightstone. Hal meets them at the temple after everyone takes a short rest after the battle with the goblins and the worgs. The two soldiers from the keep are also accompanying the team, and they’re anxious to find the missing townspeople after the giant attack.

However, before they can move out of Nightstone, they hear meowing from a ruined house. Mavthos and Hal go to investigate, but their bumbling scares off the creature, which they hear skittering inside the house. Luckily, Torinn uses some monk skills to corral the creature, which turns out to be a tressym — a winged cat with a tag on its neck that says “Normanx”! Normanx and Torinn are quickly inseparable.

And as soon as Normanx is at Torinn’s side, the tressym hisses when he hears something in the ruined Nightstone Inn just twenty feet away. Torinn, Normanx, Brother Broosel, and Sir Frost Breaker sneak into the Inn, while Mavthos, Hal, and the 2 soldiers remain outside, near the hole left by the stolen nightstone.

Inside the Inn, the trio and tressym find a dead goblin, pierced by a crossbow bolt, and he looks relatively freshly killed. Normanx hears scuffling sounds upstairs, and Sir Frost Breaker flies up on his broom to meet a strange woman wearing black who claims to be a traveler who was injured in the attack and who’s now trapped inside the Inn. She also has a mysterious flying snake. After a game of chance with Sir Frost Breaker (which she loses), the woman must tell the truth about herslf: she’s Kella Darkhope, a member of the Zhentarim, and she’s waiting for her fellow Zhents to arrive in town. The trio agrees to leave her in the Inn instead of attacking her, and they go back outside.

Meanwhile, Mavthos and Hal have found a strange rune in the ground near the hole left by the nightstone, and they can’t seem to make heads or tails of it. At last, someone recognizes the rune as a giant rune that means “cloud.” Mavthos draws it as best he can and the party hurries out of town before the afternoon gets away from them.

They follow the tracks to the Dripping Caves, led by Alara, the female soldier. The caves are wet and rough-edged, and dark. The party gets ten feet inside when they see an ogre taking a mud bath, and initiative is rolled! Along with the ogre, the team finds themselves surrounded by five goblin archers spread around the huge cave, and the goblins start peppering them with arrows. Torinn spend two Ki points to cast Thunderwave at the ogre and goblin, Mavthos hits them with multiple Eldritch Blasts, Sir Frost Breaker uses Thunderous Smith, and Brother Broosel gets in on the action with a Spiritual Weapon. Finally, the ogre is defeated along with 4 of the goblins.

However, one of the goblins escapes into the caves to the northeast, and the echo of the Thunder spells have rocked the Dripping Caves. It’s safe to say that the party has let every other creature inside the caves know that they have arrived…

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