D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Campaign Report Session 0

Here’s the first of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder:

Storm King's Thunder

Here’s the party (we’re already at Session 3, so everyone has leveled up from Level 1 in this image):

Session2_CharsHere are links to the party members’s character sheets:

Session 0, 2/17/19:

The campaign begins! After almost a half year of prep, we finally returned to the Forgotten Realms. We started off with a quick history lesson about giants, their ancient war with the dragons, and the lost empire of Ostoria.

Then I gave each character a quick history:

  • Sir Frost Breaker met Arveiaturace the White Dragon near Bryn Shander and got a Broom of Flying.
  • Mavthos traveled with Beldora the Harper and stumbled into Iymrith’s lair and were saved by Artus Cimber (and Mavthos snagged a Ring of Regeneration)
  • Shashy’ra met Queen Neri and Serissa while fishing and learned to speak Giant (and got a Pearl of Power when King Hekaton made his storm giant family leave)
  • Brother Broosel worked as a torchbearer for the Gray Hands and Harshnag and earned Harshnag’s respect (and a scratched platinum dragon) by saving Harshnag from a cultist’s dagger

The party chatted a bit more over drinks at the Happy Cow in Daggerford, and they heard rumors of giant rumblings and attacks through the Realms. Nightstone was recently attacked, so the party decides to head there — Sir Frost Breaker in particular is worried about his cousin Morak, who runs an inn there.

They get goblin-fighting tips from a bronze-skinned woman named “Zira”, and then the party heads off that very night to hike to Nightstone (as everyone but poor Brother Broosel can see in the dark).

Of course, the party runs into trouble. Within sight of Nightstone the next day, they find a young hill giant male trying to carry of a cow under each arm. Sir FB and Mavthos launch long-range attacks with javelins and a Hex plus an Eldritch Blast, and the giant retaliates by launching both cows at the party! The heroes wear him down, and Sir FB gets on his broom to deliver the gruesome killing blow with his sword.

The party snags a pile of gold (75 gp) and are now ready to enter Nightstone (after a short rest so Brother Broosel and Sir Frost Breaker can level up to Level 2!).

On to Session 1…

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