D&D Dad: “Storm King’s Thunder” Adventure/Campaign Report, Session 1

Here’s the second of our party’s Adventure Report for the humongous Dungeons & Dragons campaign Storm King’s Thunder:

Storm King's Thunder

Here’s the party (we’re already at Session 3, so everyone has leveled up from Level 1 in this image):


Session 1, 2/24/19 (written by Beth Meyer)

The party is joined by Torinn Thava, a Dragonborn monk, right outside the small town of Nightstone!

We pick up with giants starting to attack civilizations in the local area. The bell tolls as we enter the square and Mathis sees two wargs feasting on some flesh! Mavthos decides to go around and Sir Frost Breaker senses are bringing him to the windmill. Mavthos enters the windmill to follow goblin tracks. He discovers gears inside and notices two goblins climbing toward the roof.

Unfortunately, Mavthos kicks a broken board! This startles the goblins and they begin to shoot their bows as the team assembles! Mavthos uses elvish blast, Brother Broosel and Shashy’ra use their bows to return fire and defeat the goblins. The party found gold and weapons on the goblins and decided to move on to the bridge.

As the team approaches the bridge, they realize it is severely damaged; how will they cross?! Torinn and Sir Frost Breaker utilized their brooms to fly everyone across the broken bridge. Ahead are the doors to Nandar Keep, which the team is eager to investigate. As they enter the tower, the bodies of three human guards are found. Upon examining the guards, they appear to have fallen from the roof. Sir Frost Breaker approaches four humans he hears talking. He discovers they are grieving for Lady Nandar and the team offers help.

The guards inform the team that cloud giants invaded two days ago and took the Night Stone. Mavthos perks up at hearing of the Night Stone; he has heard of this Night Stone. It is made from a 20 foot tall obsidian (Megalith) and has gone missing from the town square. The Megalith is known to give off waves of magical energy.

Two of the guards, Siberi and Elara decide to join to team after accepting a warm cookie offering from Shashy’ra. De-licious. Elara was previously arguing with the group, and is viewed as a possible leader. Torinn asked the guards where the giants ended up retreating to. They were quick to inform everyone that the missing townspeople made a getaway to nearby caves to escape the giant attack.

The team decided to cross back over the broken bridge, using the flying brooms of course, and examine the temple. Upon approaching the temple, the team had to cover their ears; the bell ringing was deafening! The west wall had a door half open and two goblins were laughing and ringing the bell with great force. The goblins noticed the door opening and began attacking the team. The goblins are quickly taken out by the team and they enjoy the peace of the silent bell.

However, the silence is quickly filled with a terror of noises which included goblin yells and warg howling. The team stumbles upon ten goblins and two wargs that have also noticed the silence. Torinn attacks one goblin and two wargs with his shortsword, but they are very strong and take minimal damage! Brother Broosel stepped forward and casted Thunderwave, which effected all goblins and both wargs. Shashy’ra used Firebolt to kill a warg and did a little hip diddy dance to celebrate! Sir Frost Breaker was fed up with the goblins, so he wrapped his blanket around a goblin and tossed him to the ground viciously.

Two goblins returned attacks resulting in minimal damage to the team. Torinn stepped up to cast Shooting Star, which took out the goblins and injured the remaining warg. The Nightstone guard Siberi lunged his throwing spear toward the last warg to end the fierce battle. Slightly battered and bruised, the team made their way toward the caves. The caves mean the missing villagers, and more clues about the giant attacks.

On to Session 2…

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