D&D Dad: Wizard in a Bottle (our Adventure Report)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played Wizard in a Bottle!

Wizard in a Bottle

Session: Wizard in a Bottle (1/27/18)

Neptune (Drew), Revali (Mitch), Kirby (Caleb), and Rurik (our friend Robinson) are joined by Kazi (half-elf sorcerer, aka our friend Melissa) and Lilliana (aasimar Paladin, aka Elizabeth) at their usual table in the Driftwood Tavern in Neverwinter. As it turns out, Kazi and Lilliana have arranged for the party to meet a one-legged man named Ulfgar Longwood at the Tavern to discuss a new opportunity.

Ulfgar used to be an adventurer with a group called the Crimson Company, and he believes the wizard Amilya Grayheart might have survived the disastrous final adventure of the Company from decades ago. He bids you go and find her and any other survivors, and bring back any magical items you might find on those who didn’t make it. The party must travel to the tower of Nightheart, a sorcerer who dabbled in potions and the dark arts. Based on Ulfgar’s map, the tower is located ten miles north of Neverwinter, overlooking the Trackless Sea.

Just as the team sees the tower, they run into a band of four orcs. They dispatch them with ease, then run into a pair of ogres who’ve made their home in the base of the sorcerer’s tower. They defeat the first, then cast Sleep on the second. Then everyone sneaks behind the ogre and scares it awake, and it rushes out of the tower and off the cliffs into the ocean (+1 Inspiration!).

The party solves the OPEN TRAP DOOR puzzle and walk deeper into the bottom of the tower, where they dispatch three giant spiders and find the corpse of half-elven rogue Kithri Silverhill with a red die.

In a fountain with a water weird (which they defeat), the party finds the remains of halfling paladin Derrin Flintmoor with a Crimson Company brooch like Kithri’s, and a white die.

They also find a secret door in a room full of eyeballs and set off a maddening siren that makes them want to bang their heads against the wall. They grab items from a chest (3 scrolls: Dancing Lights, Mage Armor, and Misty Step; a driftglobe, and a potion of healing) and run for it.

In the cabinet of curiosities, the party locates another missing CC member: dwarven cleric Thoradin Dawnfist with a blue die.

Finally they make it to the laboratory full of potions, some of which start flying at the party, including poison gas and acid! It’s Nightheart’s evil spirit, trapped in a bottle (at least until the party breaks the bottle and disperses him). They find Amilya also trapped in a bottle and free her. In her hand she holds a translucent die.

After burying and mourning her lost companions, Amilya travels back to Neverwinter with the party to reunite with Ulfgar. And Ulfgar has some gold, plus a black die—and some interesting news—to give to the party… News of the mysterious Castle Deepmoat!

The members of the party listen intently and then discuss their next move while resting and leveling up to level 3!

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