D&D Dad: Troll Trouble (our Adventure Report)

Spoiler Alert! Don’t read this report if you haven’t played Troll Trouble!

Troll Trouble

Session 1, 7/12/18: Ravendale and Burt the “Troll”

Lifelong friends and first-time adventurers Kendal the Elven Cleric (Mitch), Mavthos the Tiefling Warlock (Drew), and Zaldo Wiggletoe the Stout Halfling Monk (Dad) meet up at the Broken Plow in Ravendale for their first quest.

They find the town (about 80 miles west of Amphail) and its surrounding lands suffering from what appears to be a long drought. They meet Roanna Redmane at the tavern, and her daughter Shalia is missing after attempting to bring supplies to the beleaguered village. The heroes take up the challenge and head for Stonebottom Bridge, home to what could be an evil troll. They find a wrecked wagon, a captive horse, and an ogre named Burt eating the other horse. Gross.

The party learns more about the red-haired driver of the wrecked wagon, and follow Burt’s instructions to the Demon Twins, where they battle two goblins and two bunny-wolves (aka “wabbits”). They also see strange squirrel-bats and other freaky animals.

On their way past the Demon twins, they spot two goblins and a strange bear-boar beast guarding the entrance to a set of stairs leading down. Kendal casts Thaumaturgy and scares off the goblins, while Zaldo and Mavthos dispatch the weird boar-bear. The session ends with the trio of heroes creeping down the stairs into the strange temple-like structure.

Session 2, 7/15/18: The Shrine of Demogorgon

The party find the caged mountain lion cub and the sacrificed cub inside the entrance to the temple. They fight off 4 goblin guards, and also fight off the two sentries when they return from being frightened off earlier. Zaldo lets the caged cub out and gets scratched in the process, but then the cub takes out a goblin before running out of the temple.

The team finds an odd owl-bear (aka a “bowel”) in the next room, in a cage. In the next cage is a man from town, Jorgan, who’s the town constable. As they’re letting Jorgan free and he tells them about the animal shenanigans by the goblins and Shalia’s capture, the bowel breaks free and tries to attack the humans. Kendal lights two torches and shines them into the creature’s eyes, temporarily blinding it. Zaldo and Mathvos push and prod the bowel into the other cage, while Jorgan locks himself back into his cage.

They pick the lock of the storeroom, find the missing supplies and some loot, and then they head to the boss room to charm and then fight off Garlgriss and his fellow goblins. They also free Shalia from the cage she was locked into above the pit of demogorgon (along with a mountain lion). Mathvos hexes Garlgriss while the last few goblins are pushed into the pit. The heroes save Shalia and the mountain lion from the cage, and they hurry back to town to find their reward. On the way, the land seems to turn green around them, as the curse from the pit is lifted!

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