D&D Dad: Temple of the Nightbringers (review)

The D&D Dad blog reviews Temple of the Nightbringers!


In this adventure for Level 1 players, we had two completely new players to show the ropes, along with one player who’d played just a few times, and my now-seasoned players Drew and Mitch. For details, see my spoilerific Adventure Report.

Once again, we had a great time. I’m noticing a trend with these M.T. Black adventures.

Overview of the Adventure

Once more, the story starts in a tavern in a small town in the Forgotten Realms (I do enjoy the consistency of the setting, though I’m not sure the players pay attention to such things). You have a strange run-in with the constable in town, and then you get to chat it up with the folks in the Weary Knight tavern in Melton. It doesn’t take long for the party to get on the road, heading for trouble.

There’s a wonderful bridge where your party might have to fight their way across before you end up at the “dungeon,” which is a nicely sized ruined temple.

The party will run across some nifty puzzles that they’ll need to solve to continue the adventure, and there are plenty of monsters to battle on the way to the big boss at the end of the dungeon.

What we really enjoyed about the ending was the “twist” with the identity of the villain, and the party took some serious damage along the way, which made everyone feel like the stakes were real.

Tips for Running the Adventure

If you’re the DM, try not to telegraph the hidden identity of the big boss of the Nightbringers. Try some misdirection here!

Have fun on the bridge early on, and add some advantage/disadvantage if there’s a battle there. We had a lot of fun with this one.

Final Thoughts

The mix of puzzles, mystery, and monsters was once again well-handled in this adventure by M.T. Black. Even the brand-new players got sucked into the plotline, and the look on everyone’s face at the end made my day as the DM.

Grade: Yet another straight A (third in a row!)

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