D&D Dad: Our (first) characters!

I wanted to show off the first four Dungeons & Dragons characters we created last year. We made them using the rules in the D&D Starter Set, and they all survived The Lost Mine of Phandelver. And now they’re all Level FIVE and moving from Phandalin and the ruins of Thundertree into other adventures.

TIP: Click the links to see each character’s full character sheet at the awesome D&D Beyond website.

First up, my guy: Zaxbinaxby the Silverthorn:


Next, Elizabeth’s Eileria Fangorn (she needs to level up!):


Drew’s Darius Falone:


And last but not least, Mitch’s Emally:


We’ve gone on to create more characters for other adventures, including adventures led by Mitch and Drew as DMs. I’ll share those characters in the coming weeks!

Feel free to share links to your characters in the comments, or tell us more about your characters and what they’ve been up to lately. Happy gaming!

DnDDadThanks for reading! If you’re enjoying this blog, feel free to take a look at my books at UnWrecked Press and Amazon. If something I wrote here improved your gaming experience or you just want to say thanks, buy a book or two!

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