New Book Release: UnWrecked Tales

UnWrecked Tales contains twenty-one of the best stories I’ve written in the past two decades (!), give or take a year or three.

UnWrecked Tales_400w

From the Author’s Introduction:

Some stories were gauntlets thrown down by friends editing anthologies. Some were hatchling ideas that later were added to novels. Some were side trips from other novels that didn’t make it into those bigger stories. Some were just strange nuggets of humanity that needed to be shined up and shared.

I did my best to polish up all these nuggets and organize them for you in some sort of coherent structure. But feel free to jump around and let yourself be surprised.

UnWrecked Tales includes the following stories:

  • “Wrecked”
  • “Fences”
  • “The Rise and Fall of Basskick”
  • “Finders, Keepers”
  • “The Brotherhood of Trees”
  • “Skidmark and Mudbeam”
  • “Painting Haiti”
  • “What the Land Takes”
  • “Comfort and Joy”
  • “Tiny Disaster”
  • “This Divided Land”
  • “A Game of Contact”
  • “Meet the Madfeet”
  • “Heart and Map, Ink and Blade”
  • “Remainders”
  • “Drinker”
  • “The Inverted Bearded Boy of Chicago”
  • “A Ghost in Her Heart”
  • “A Miracle in Shreveport”
  • “Family, New and Old”
  • “Finder”

To buy a copy:

296 pages (trade paperback version). First published July 2018 by UnWrecked Press.


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