Listen to those wolves howl!

Family Pack AudiobookJust in time for Halloween, I’m happy to announce the audiobook adaptation of the dark fantasy novel Family, Pack!

UnWrecked Press had narrator Maxwell Zener come back to share the story of young Tommy Roling and his infant daughter Corinne. Father and daughter share a dark secret that some might see as a curse, but Tommy sees as a blessing.

That secret is the reason, with every full moon, Tommy can’t fight the urge to strip off his clothes and run wild through the pastures outside town. So when a stranger shows up slashed to death the day after Tommy’s most recent full-moon run, Tommy must resolve this murder, or he could lose what little he has left.

That includes his innocent baby girl, Corinne, who just might have inherited his werewolf gene from him.

The audio version of Family, Pack is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Give it a listen today!

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