Half a Decade from the Master Class

From October 3rd to October 17th, 2009, I attended a Fiction Writing Master Class with a dozen other writers. We had hours of classes every day, assignments every night, and we wrote. A lot. I came away with three complete stories, pages of notes, and ideas for at least a dozen novels.

I also learned a ton about publishing, and that led to all of my adventures in indie publishing with UnWrecked Press. Definitely a life-changing experience (and I even had to miss the wedding of two of my friends to attend it, so I knew I had to make the most out of every minute).

Looking a bit smug there, aren't we, Mr. Sunglasses?
Looking a bit smug there, aren’t we, Mr. Sunglasses?

So what have I done since my return from that Master Class workshop in mid-October 2009?

What have I accomplished in the past 5 years?

One thing I did was make ebooks. Lots of ebooks – close to a hundred! I did one short-story-as-ebook a week for the entire year of 2011 (that was kind of ambitious, eh?).

And I learned how to create print-on-demand books.

And I found narrators to make audiobooks out of three of my novels and one short story, which was a fun exercise. I’d love to do more, and maybe even narrate one myself.

Oh, and I started my own publishing company. With its own website and online store. Check out our Catalog!

As for actual WRITING, well… (continue reading if you like minutiae!)

I wrote a few short stories, a nine-issue comic, a screenplay, a novella, and best of all — four novels! I also revised a bunch of my older novels extensively to make them the novels I wanted them to be. And I’ve got three novel series started now, with a fourth about to kick off in a few months, all of which I’m insanely excited about.

I keep up with my daily words written, and in these past five years, I’ve written over half a million words — 519,000, to be exact.

You know, I was thinking I hadn’t DONE much in the past five years, but this is a pretty good list. I’ll have to hang onto this and check back in 2019 to see what I’ve done by that time.. (Yikes, I’ll be almost 50 by that time! What the heck? How can that be possible?)

Because I love to make lists, here’s the breakdown of what I’ve done since the Master Class. Feel free to skim or scroll down to the bottom… 🙂

Books written and published via UnWrecked Press (ebook and trade paperback):

  1. Family, Pack
  2. A Wild Epidemic of Magic
  3. A Lasting Cure for Magic
  4. Contagious Magic (includes all three magic books, so not a NEW novel)
  5. Unassisted Living (novella, also a screenplay)
  6. Finders, Inc.

FamilyPackCover_150 A Wild Epidemic of Magic A Lasting Cure for Magic

Contagious Magic (art by Pcbiju | Dreamstime) UnassistedLiving_150 FindersInc_Cover_150

Books updated and published via UnWrecked Press (ebook and trade paperback):

  1. A Sudden Outbreak of Magic
  2. The All Nations Team
  3. Heart’s Revenge
  4. Gunning for the Buddha
  5. The Prodigal Sons
  6. A Gathering of Doorways (trade paperback and PDF only)
  7. Redemption, Drawing Near
  8. The City of All-Worlds
  9. The Last Sorcerer

The Wannoshay Cycle, paperback versionBooks reprinted elsewhere (trade paperback):

New stories written:

  1. “Skidmark and Mudbeam”
  2.  “Heart and Map, Ink and Blade”
  3. “A Ghost in Her Heart”

MapsLeg_CollectionCoverNew graphic novels written:

  • In Maps & Legends (with artist Niki Smith)

New screenplays written:

  • “Unassisted Living”

Audiobooks co-produced with various narrators:

  • A Sudden Outbreak of Magic
  • A Miracle in Shreveport
  • The All Nations Team
  • Heart’s Revenge

ASOOM_ACX_300 A Miracle in Shreveport: Audio Version All Nations Team Audiobook Heart's Revenge audiobook

For what’s left of this year, In addition to finishing up and publishing The Finder Team/Finders, Inc., I plan on writing the first book in a SF action series, and also publishing a second story collection that includes the stories I’ve written in the past decade or so — all before the end of 2014. I may also try to squeeze in a screenplay idea I’ve had percolating for almost two years now…

My big goals for 2014 was to wrap up all the work on my previous books and the UnWrecked Press website, so in 2015, I can focus on all NEW books, specifically writing new books in my four different series:

  • Contagious Magic (contemporary fantasy, 3 books written so far)
  • Family Pack (dark fantasy, 1 book written so far)
  • The Finder Team (mystery with a hint of the supernatural, 1 book written so far)
  • Renaissance’s End (science fiction adventure, 1 book to be written before the end of 2014)

Wish me luck for the next five years and beyond, and thanks as always for reading!

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