New audiobook version of a paranormal mystery and romance!

I can finally share the news about the latest audiobook from UnWrecked Press — the audio version of my novel Heart’s Revenge!

Our narrator, Julie Sears of SearsVoices, did a fantastic job telling the story of Ella and her divemaster Mitch on the tiny island of Ocracoke, where they find ancient mysteries, dead pirates, surly tourists, and even… love.

Here’s the “back-cover copy” for this audiobook:

A haunted romance. An unsolved mystery. And a centuries-old curse at the heart of it all.

Heart's Revenge audiobookOff the rough coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Ella Simon tracks down one manthe infamous pirate Blackbeard. She must identify a shipwreck off the coast of the island, but she and her divemaster Mitch Thompson discover much more than that.

They just have to stay alive long enough to solve the mystery of a young girl’s killer before the ghosts of dead pirates take them down to the bottom of the ocean, forever.

A haunted romance, a lovestruck mystery, and a pirate-filled adventure.

The audio version of Heart’s Revenge is available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

ALSO: For a short time, we’re making the ebook version of Heart’s Revenge available for over half off its usually price. Just $2.99!

And definitely check out the other amazing audiobooks available from UnWrecked Press.

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