April Writing Challenge: What I’ll Be Writing

Yesterday I talked all about my big plans for April, so I figured I’d share a draft of my synopsis for The Finder Team, the novel I’ll be writing, starting tomorrow(!).

Just be aware that ALL of it is subject to change, including the novel itself. Here’s the basics of the novel:

The Finder Team

The Finder TeamBim Mayer knows in his gut how to find missing persons.

But to connect with the missing, he must eat that person’s favorite food. And not just a few bites. Big handfuls of the stuff, until he gets sick. Then a weird connection gets made between his ever-expanding belly and the distressed mind of the missing person.

Call it a gastronome’s GPS. Except Bim rarely gets to enjoy what he eats. His job requires quantity, not quality.

As a result of his “specialized” work for his buddy, private eye Hanky J Jackson, Bim now tips the scales at three hundred and fifty pounds. This job is killing him, but he can’t stop helping people, now that he’s aware of his special talent.

Here’s an excerpt:

I used to love this guy, but now I can scarcely stand the site of Bim.

He’s got to be topping the scales at 320 or more, and he’s given up all pretense of decorum and personal hygiene. Sweat pants two weeks from the laundry. T-shirt speckled with potato chip dust and stained green in the pits, too faded for me to be able to read the jokey, ironic message plastered across his bulging, drooping man-boobs. B.O. Black hair to his shoulders, draping like wet wool, and weeks since he’s shaved. Jowls covered in what looks like pubic hair. Breath to die from.And flip-flops. Always with the flip-flops, even when it’s a frigid twenty below and a half foot of gray snow stuck to the ground like old glue.That’s not the worst of it.

The final sticky, razor-edged straw is my old friend-since-elementary-school’s attitude. Bim Meyers turned out to be a complete dick.

But he’s my partner now, and there’s no way I can get rid of him.

I’ll explain more later. First, we have a missing person to find.

And that’s it! All I have to do is get up at the crack of dawn, turn off all distractions, and start writing. I can’t wait!

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