Still not as wordy as George R.R Martin…

I grabbed this image of the Kindle app on my phone the other day:

2013-06-02 16.19.40

So the number of dots under a book signifies the length of the book. The dots turn blue as you make progress through the book.

I thought that my trilogy of all three of my Contagious Magic books would stack up against one of George R.R. Martin’s huge “Song of Ice and Fire” books, but I still fell short.

But hey, it was really cool seeing my books right there next to the books of a best-seller like GRRM. Hope readers enjoy it as much as his stuff (and hey, I don’t kill off all my character like he does, so there!).

And hey, my trilogy clocks in at 692 pages, and weighs a solid 2.5 pounds. The trade paperback version, that is — the ebook version weighs not a thing! 🙂

Have an awesome day!

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