More Contagious Magic goodness!

Hello again! I know, two blog posts in one week — what gives?

Well, I just wanted to share two cool things with you related to the last book in the trilogy I just finished, A Lasting Cure for Magic. It’s actually been a twenty-year trip for these “Contagious Magic” books of mine.

I first started writing about the characters in these books when I was teaching junior high English and Reading way back in ’93. One day I assigned them some to do some descriptive writing of a person, and just for kicks I did the writing exercises along with the kids. I ended up writing about one of the characters in these books, Archie the homeless guy, also known as the “last sorcerer.” I guess it was a good exercise in descriptive writing… 🙂

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic (art by Andy Castro)

To celebrate finally being done, I went ahead and made the first book in the series, A Sudden Outbreak of Magic, FREE.

This is just for a limited time, so grab a free digital copy while you can (you still have to pay for the paper version, alas). I figured this would be a great way for readers who are new to the series to jump on-board, without any risks. And of course, you’ll be hooked by the end of book one, and want to read more…

Contagious Magic (cover image by Pcbiju | Dreamstime)
Contagious Magic (cover image by Pcbiju | Dreamstime)

And so, for those of you who’d like to have the whole shebang all in one version, I’ve made all three books available as one big ebook and trade paperback: Contagious Magic.

Here’s all the nitty-gritty details for how to buy the trilogy, at a hugely discounted price for the ebook and the (fat) trade paperback:

A Wild Epidemic of Magic (audiobook version)And soon you’ll be able to listen to book 2, A Wild Epidemic of Magic. We’re working on that one right now, and the first book’s audio version has been live for a few months now.

So lots of magic going on right now. Enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “More Contagious Magic goodness!

  1. Mate, I’ve downloaded ‘The Inverted Bearded Boy of Chicago’ onto my Kindle and will read it when I’ve completed my current reading list. The cover of ‘A Sudden Outbreak of Magic’ is awesome!


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