Hanging off some cliffs…

A Lasting Cure for Magic (cover art by Fotolotti | dreamstime)
A Lasting Cure for Magic (cover art by Fotolotti | dreamstime)

It’s been a while, I know, but I have indeed been plugging away on book 3 of my Contagious Magic series, A Lasting Cure for Magic.

I got a lot of work done in November of last year, and then hit the wall in December and barely wrote a word. Not sure what happened there… But then I started getting ramped up in January, and have hit a great rhythm here at the end of February.

I’m excited with where this is going, and I just finished up the end of Act 2 (of a 3-act novel). I tried to end each chapter with a bit of a cliffhanger (the story switches between the points of view for Kelley and her twin brother Jeroan).

So I thought I’d share the last sentence of each chapter with you. I like them probably TOO much, which means they’ll probably get axed as I work on the novel more. 🙂

Here’s the end of chapter 15:

When they arrived, the whales—swimming out in the Tasman Sea just a few hundred feet from the black sands of the beach under their feet—were singing.

And the end of chapter 16:

Kelley looked at the far corner of the big room, in the direction where Polly was pointing, and this time she did drop her eGadget.

Looking forward to figuring out how those situations will end! And I’ll be sure and share the results here, when this book is all done (hopefully by the end of March)!

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