New Audiobook: A Sudden Outbreak of Magic

A Sudden Outbreak of Magic (audio version)

In what will be the first of hopefully many new audio versions of my novels and stories, I’m happy to announce that my all-ages contemporary fantasy novel A Sudden Outbreak of Magic is now an audiobook!

You can find the audiobook at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

The novel is narrated by Chicago-based actress Alyson Grauer. She did a fantastic job with all the wild action in the book, as well as giving each character a specific voice. When I first heard how she read Maria Haze’s chapters, for instance, I got chills –she nailed it.

And she does a pretty awesome job with Polly’s voice, as well as Jeroan’s and Kelley’s. And and and… I could go on an on here with the accolades, but I’m a tiny bit biased. I’m just ecstatic to have found a narrator who fit the book so perfectly.

Don’t take my word for it — listen to a sample from chapter two.

And Alyson is already planning on narrating book two in the series (if everything works out with her acting schedule)!

For writers thinking about creating audiobook versions of their novels (and stories), I can’t recommend the Audible Creation Exchange (ACX) enough. All I had to do was make sure my book was available at Amazon, and then decide how I wanted the audiobook to sound (male narrator? female? style of narration? etc.). As Alyson finished each chapter, I got to listen to the chapter and make suggestions for edits. Luckily, I had very, very few.

The hardest part — for me — was figuring out how to pronounce the magical “Words” in the book.  Do you say Gholt like “ghost with an L” or something other? If you were wondering, the proper pronunciation of Noloquorstdi is “No low KWORS dee.” 🙂

But that part was actually lots of fun. It’s pretty amazing to hear the words I created and tweaked (for years in the case of this book!) read in the voice of an adept narrator. I have a whole new appreciation for audiobooks (I recently listened to Neil Gaiman’s epic American Gods and loved it) and the skills needed to pull off an audio adaptation.

So once again, if you’re interested, you can find the audiobook at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Happy listening!

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