Working for Hire… For Myself

I’ve been having a hard time getting around to writing the third novel in my Contagious Magic series, for a variety of reasons.

Part of it is fatigue from the day job. Part is from adjusting to the kids going back to school and the changes that cause on my weekday schedule. Part of is a lack of rhythm and motivation. Part of it is a feeling of being overwhelmed, trying to pull together all those plotlines and character arcs for the third book in a trilogy (which could pan out into a series, beyond three books).

And a good part of it is just plain laziness.

So, to combat all those parts, I’m making myself a work-for-hire writer. I’m gonna write 1,000 words a day for my new job. The new job is writing this novel. The new boss is, well, me.

The plan is to get up early, and instead of firing up the laptop, I’m going to go for a walk. Yeah, sure, it’s dark at 5 a.m., but I need to get the blood flowing and the brain working. And some days, when it’s nuts at the day job, I don’t get any sort of physical exercise other than standing at my desk (I’ve gotten used to this setup, and it beats sitting all day!).

So a 1/2 hour walk, followed by two intense, 45-or-so-minute writing sessions. With the goal of simply getting the words out and telling the best story I can.

Seems easy. I just have to get on it and stick to it.

So I’ll be using this blog as my status report/timesheet. Let me know if I’m slacking, and send me some good vibes if I start to get off-course. And cheer me on when I get my four pages written on any given day. I can always use some cheers. 🙂

And it all starts… tomorrow morning. Come on, join the fun!

10 thoughts on “Working for Hire… For Myself

      1. I’ve had a pretty good year…except on the publishing side! I decided to try and become a better artist, to illustrate my own covers, so that’s been taking a lot of time. Right now I’m working on the cover art for one of the novels I’ve written this year. I hope to get it out soon, but recent health issues might impact that.


  1. I know you can do it. Write 4 pages, even if they are not in story sequence; if a scene or situation occurs to you, write it. You can incorporate it later, or not, as it works out. I have faith in you, that you will do just fine.


  2. There is nothing like a brisk, early morning walk to knock out the cobwebs and get the day started right. The first cup of coffee always tastes better after a walk!!!
    Keep it up, Shelly


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