Michael Jasper

Blogging? Journaling? You make the call…


I just decided this morning that I want to write a blog at least once a week. (I almost used “blog” like a verb in that first sentence, but then I went back and changed that. Whew. Close call.)

I’ve missed the old, rambling blogs I used to do about writing, what I was reading, trips we’d taken, music, or movies, or whatever popped into my head. I don’t have the energy for the almost-daily blogging I used to do (where did I find the time? And the energy?), but I have this itch I need to scratch about this kind of writing — writing that’s not as structured as working on a novel or the Day Job as a tech writer or any other kind of writing.

Journaling, you could call it. (Cringe.)

So I figured I could come up with some journal entries/blogs about what’s going on in my life for your entertainment and/or skimming pleasure. 🙂

Potential topics for these once-a-week, off-the-cuff journal entries include:

So those are some of the topics you can expect in the coming weeks. At least one journal entry about one or two of them, or whatever other topic makes me want to blather on for about 700 words or half an hour, whichever comes first.

I’m also hoping to add more photos of my own to these entries. I’m gonna have to check out the iPhone app for Instagram to make my hastily snapped photos look more vintage and cool. I cheated and used an image from LifeHacker at the top of this entry. The other entries I do after this, I think, should have one of my photos on it.

All, right so it’s a plan. I gotta have a plan. Looking forward to it! Later…