Friday the Thirteenth! And maybe something new to celebrate it…

UnWrecked Press presents: something new, maybe?

Whoa. Just realized that tomorrow is the first Friday in over a year that I won’t be running a short story here on my site. I ran 52 stories here in 2011, never missed a Friday for my  Fiction Friday series from UnWrecked Press.

I can’t say I miss all the effort of putting up a blog post, finding cover art, designing the cover, writing a short description of the story, and then making the story into a 99-cent ebook. But it was a good learning experience, and all my old stories are now officially ebooks.

And I am glad to be done.


With tomorrow being Friday the 13th, and that big gaping hole in my blog/journal… I just have to do something new.

But what? Hmmm….

Stay tuned, friends. Stay tuned.

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