December Novel Launch: Heart’s Revenge

This month’s Novel Launch from UnWrecked Press — which includes  a special month-long, low price on the ebook and trade paperback version — is for my paranormal mystery/romance Heart’s Revenge.

Nothing beats the December cold like a trip to the North Carolina coast for some wreck-diving, ghost pirates, and a spark-flying romance.

For the entire month, you can buy the ebook version of Heart’s Revenge for just $.99 from the following distributors:

You can also get the trade paperback version for just $10.95 from Amazon and CreateSpace.

So why should you take a chance on Heart’s Revenge?

The book pulls together three of my favorite themes, plus one new theme that I wanted to experiment with. The first theme is that of a normal person thrust into a strange, possibly supernatural situation — that would be Ella, a Maritime Studies professor headed to Ocracoke Island off the coast of North Carolina, in search of a shipwreck and the mysteries it may hold. The second is an exotic locale — tiny Ocracoke Island. The third is a mystery — not just about this shipwreck, but the lost souls from the ship from centuries earlier.

The new theme for this book was that of (deep breath) romance. Ella and her divemaster, Mitch, immediately butt heads as soon as they meet. But there’s that strange, unexplainable attaction…

I have to admit, that part was a lot of fun to write.

Finally, just like November’s Novel Launch book, this novel has ghosts. Not just any ghosts, either. We’re talking about some pirate ghosts, including the ghost of one of the most infamous buccaneers of all time.

And he’s missing his head…

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