Formatting and Selling Ebooks: an Ebook

I’m pleased to announce a new how-to ebook entitled Formatting and Selling Ebooks.

This ebook includes, in one nice, tidy package, all of the various blog entries I’ve been posting here, along with any updates I made along the way, along with some other extras.

You can buy and download a PDF version right here, using PayPal.

The ebook is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and DriveThruFiction.

Here’s more information about the book:

So what’s all the fuss about digital books, better known as ebooks? Why should you—as a writer—be interested in making ebooks?

This ebook gets you up and running with the various online distributors, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and more. You get detailed explanations of how to format, upload, and sell your novels and stories as ebooks at over half a dozen sites. Along the way, you’ll find tips and tricks from an experienced ebook creator and author, including some excellent marketing ideas that won’t take up all your time, nor break the bank.

So if you’re still undecided about whether to go digital, this ebook will not only help you make up your mind, but it will show you all the options and help you make all the various decisions along the way.

Here’s the Table of Contents:


Part 1: Formatting Your Ebooks

  1. Formatting Your Novel (or Story) for Smashwords
  2. Formatting Your Novel (or Story) for the Kindle
  3. Formatting Your Novel (or Story) for the Nook
  4. Formatting Your Novel for Print-on-Demand (PoD)
  5. Formatting Your Novel for the Google ebookstore
  6. Formatting Your Novel for DriveThruFiction
  7. Adding the Fancy Stuff to Your Ebook

Part 2: Selling Your Ebooks

  1. Choosing a Distribution Strategy for Your Ebooks
  2. Writing Great Descriptions for Your Ebooks
  3. Creating Effective Ebook Covers
  4. Marketing Your Ebook

The ebook is available from the following sites: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and DriveThruFiction.

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