Special Guest Post at the New Graphicly Blog

The fine folks at Graphicly are focusing more and more on helping comic creators get their comics made, distributed, and marketed, which to me is a fantastic thing. They already have a great site where you can buy and read digital comics.

Now they’re helping creators get their comics to you more easily.

They asked me to write a blog about my experiences with digital comics, and I shared what I learned in this entry: “Going Digital with Your Comic: A Rough Map.”

Go check it out, along with the other articles there (there are only a few). Their new widget is quite awesome, by the way — you can embed a digital comic into your website, like we did here.

Speaking of comics resources, there’s a brand new site by comic creator Jason Brubaker called Making Comics that I’m also keeping my eyes on.

So while making comics is a tough road — something I discussed in my recent interview with the North Raleigh Times — the path is becoming a bit less fraught with the unknown, thanks to the growing set of resources at Graphicly and the new Making Comics site. So go, read, and create!

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