Sixteen years of books

You know, if you stick with this fiction writing thing long enough (um, 16 years or so for me, somehow!), you’ll start to see those words add up.

In my case, this hit home for me when I got the following books dropped off on my front porch last week:

I spent the last half of July, and part of August getting these six novels (six!) set up as print-on-demand books, and now they’re all available at Amazon. Success!

You know, it’s kind of amazing to see all my work there, spread out on the table like that. Years of work, and that’s not even counting two of my other books, which are already in trade paperback (Gunning for the Buddha and The Wannoshay Cycle).

Amazing, and a little overwhelming. That’s a lot of early mornings and free moments, all spent to put together words to slap onto those big blocks of paper.

And hey, I even designed all the covers. Um, for better or for worse…

Here are the books, along with a little history, and the all-important linkie to

  • A Sudden Outbreak of Magic: first started in ’92 or so, and revamped and redone countless times over the years until its final version in 2011 (Amazon)
  • Family, Pack: written in the summer of 2011 (Amazon)
  • A Gathering of Doorways: written in 2005-2006, reworked in 2007, and now that I got some rights back, it’s now a trade paperback as well as a hardcover (Amazon)
  • The All Nations Team: written in 2003 and 2004, though I’ve had the idea since 1998 or so. Got it into its final format in late 2009 (Amazon)
  • Heart’s Revenge: written in 2002-2003 and first sold under a pseudonym (it’s also my first novel to sell to a publisher), now it’s back in print, under my own name! (Amazon)
  • The Prodigal Sons: my first novel, first draft written as part of the 24-Hour Novel Contest in 1998, reworked in ’99, and finally seeing the light of day in print over ten years later! (Amazon)

So there you have it — the end-products of about 1/3 of my life, right there in print. Also available in digital formats!

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