IN MAPS & LEGENDS 6 (of 9) is Live!

In this issue we see one of our friends get left behind, deep underwater, while Kait and her new friends face the devastation of yet another world by overwhelming forces, and one of our main characters returns to a familiar setting, with a pair of unlikely allies at his heels.

For more information, check out our Issue 6 Press Release (PDF).

Here’s the official synopsis:

Kait gets lost on a world she can’t map — with a man she can’t comprehend and a boy she can’t protect — while her old friends and new allies scatter across the ravaged world of Stryla.

Plus a whole lot more in issue 6 of IN MAPS & LEGENDS (click the link to see a list of all the various places you can buy the issue, for just $.99).

On an interesting side-note, we’d just be finishing up issue THREE if we were still with the Zuda Comics website. While it would’ve been great to still be running one page a week with that DC Comics imprint, it’s awesome to be able to tell our story at our own pace (twice as fast!), and on our own terms. As tiring as all that may be at times… 🙂

So let us know what you think of our latest issue, and as always, thanks for reading!

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