About Writer’s Block

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Just thought I’d share this, to see if anyone out there finds it helpful — a friend from high school sent me a note via Facebook, asking what I did about writer’s block.

Here’s my response.

Hmm… I do get writer’s block, but it’s more due to fatigue and burnout than a lack of stuff to write. Working a full-time job (as a technical writer, so I’m in front of a computer ALL the time), trying to find time to be with my wife and kids, and keeping up with my various writing projects, not to mention all the other stuff going on in our lives, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I never really run out of ideas — I mostly just run out of energy or time.

I guess I get over writer’s block best by taking a break from it if I’m not enjoying the writing. I’ve tried to quit writing altogether lots of times, but I keep coming back to it. I guess it’s what I like to do best.

One trick I’ve found if I get stuck on a specific project is to just make myself finish it instead of giving up on it. Finishing stuff is satisfying, and puts you in the right mindset, versus just quitting on something. We’re always the harshest judges of our own writing, so don’t be hard on yourself while you’re writing it. Just get it done.

How about you? What do you do about writer’s block? Or do you even get it?

3 thoughts on “About Writer’s Block

  1. I know this sounds weird, but it works for me–

    When I get writer’s block, I start quoting poetry or famous speeches or scenes from Shakespeare from memory. I have a good memory, and the quotations come easily. As the words flow over my tongue, I’m absorbed in the flow and texture of them, and when I turn back to writing, either creative or work-related, I find the words come easily. Maybe it has to do with activation of some part of the brain. I don’t know, but usually it works. (Unless I’m just tired and brain dead; then, nothing works but sleep).


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