Podcasted! “California King” and “Natural Order” (plus a MAPS chat)

Something I missed while I was on vacation was the release of the podcast version of “California King” by Greg van Eekhout and me. This was a great story to write, set in the wacky world of California. Hard to believe it was over seven years ago when we wrote it, and five years ago(!) in ’05 when we saw it published at Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

The audio version of “California King” is now up at Podcastle, and you can listen to it here.

Also, speaking of audio versions, you can listen to my story “Natural Order,” which is still in the audio archives at Escape Pod. That’s another favorite story of mine. Both sites did a fantastic job of creating these versions, and I thank ’em for it.

Me, I have trouble listening to stuff I wrote a while back. Almost as bad as listening to a recording of myself! But I hope you enjoy the tales.

UPDATED TO ADD: Also, a live interview that Niki Smith and I did about digital comics and IN MAPS & LEGENDS is now live at The Webcomic Beacon. It was a fun chat — hope you take a listen!

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