Number Fifty-One

A Tale of Two Shits (photo by Kevin Rosseel)
A Tale of Two Shits (photo by Kevin Rosseel)

I just got word from the editors that I sold my total gross-out, horrific, men’s-room story “A Tale of Two Shits” to the fine folks at Necrotic Tissue!

Yes, with a title like that, how could I go wrong, right?

This story was the result of an assignment from my two-week Master Class workshop, taught by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

The challenge was this — you should be able to write a story anywhere. So set your story in a Men’s room. And include all the sensory details you can while telling your tale.

And you could say I took the concept and… ran with it. (Get it? The runs? Heh.)

I thought the story was unsellable, it was so gross. But then again, I remember cackling to myself as I was writing the darn thing, telling myself, “You can’t do this. You can’t DO this!” as I went ahead and did one terrible and gross thing to my main character. Giggling the whole time.

So in January, you can enjoy the story in Issue 13 of Necrotic Tissue. Can’t wait to hear what people think. Just don’t read it while eating…

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