Finished Novel Stats, and the Next Project

I always like posting these — it’s the “Readability Statistics” you get when you do a spell-check and grammar-check with Word. Kinda nice to see all those long hours of work end up as words, characters, paragraphs, and sentences.

And the all-important percentage of passive sentences: just 1% for Family, Pack. Sweet!

Much better than the 2% I earned for A Sudden Outbreak of Magic. 😉

And I’m already thinking about the Next Project, which is the continuation of my other big project for 2010 — IN MAPS & LEGENDS! Yep, the comic that was running oh-so-briefly at DC Comics’ Zuda site is making a comeback, big-time.

I’m starting work on the script for issue 4, and doing a ton of prep-work with my partner-in-art, Niki Smith. A lot is happening really fast, and all of it is great news. Can’t wait to share more with you all, when I can.

It’s going to rock. Stay tuned!

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