Finished! Where's my adult beverage?

Just typed THE END on the novel I’ve been cranking away on for the past month and 5 days. WOO HOO!

This was the one I started in January, got over a third of the way through it, and then promptly got sidetracked. By the comic, IN MAPS & LEGENDS (more news on that project soooon!), so I can’t really complain.

But I picked up the novel again in July and stuck with it, writing steadily and almost daily, and had a really good time with it. The ending kinda plucked at my tiny heart strings.

Now I’m thinking sequel.

Actually, right now I’m thinking BEER. Elizabeth and the boys and I are gonna go out for dinner tonight. Woo! I may even get a PINT. Look out, Wake Forest. The Jaspers are coming.

7 thoughts on “THE END

  1. Never let it be said that a Jasper did not do or could not do what he said in his heart, I have decided to do this thing! Way to go!!


  2. This was my laugh out loud moment for the day also!! Way to go! Hope you enjoyed your beer.
    Seriously, you look like you have lost weight….have you??


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