Zombie thoughts

Best of All Flesh

In case you’re looking for something to read over lunch, I’d like to point you toward the latest Booklife article entitled “Those Who Are Left Alive: 11 Writers on Reading Zombie Fiction.”

Well, maybe eat your lunch first, then read it.

In the article, authors from the recent zombie anthology The Best of All Flesh talk about why we like to read about the walking dead. Yep — look for my own two-cents’ worth there as I talk about our fear of death and decay and monsters.

Go, shamble forth, and read…

UPDATED TO ADD: Part Two of the zombie author talk is up!

2 thoughts on “Zombie thoughts

  1. Sorry. Never read about zombies. Just don’t grab me. (Literally as well as figuratively, I hope). I used to feel that way about vampires, but I’m chillin’ to them.


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